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Post#19 » Sep 26 2007 07:51

For those of you, who live in Germany:

a) normal online shop with huge selection of other manufacturers like Reaper as well.
b) 10% off if you pay more then 25€, free shipping if you pay more then 50€.
At the moment, Imperial Guard and Apocalypse get additionally 5% off.
c) you can check online where your stuff is. If they have to order stuff (like mail-order bits) you get everything they have right away, and what's left, will be sent as soon as possible without further costs. What is available will be delivered within 3 to 4 days.
d) They answer really quick, normally within 24 hours.
e) The store is in 26789 Leer (Germany)

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30% off

Post#20 » Feb 14 2008 10:03

I used these people for my army. They offer 30% off on everything, sometimes more. The link has more info, but they do their business slightly weird. you email them with what you want, they email you back with a quote and a paypal link, and after you pay, they send you the stuff. It seems like they are setting you up to screw you, but they delivered to me within fewer than five days, and everything was perfect.

Edit: I live in America, but I think they ship to the EU too.
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Post#21 » Mar 04 2008 06:06

I have used this site once it is located in Boingbrook, Illinois in the United States

I bought it from Glendale, Arizona(US) It took 8 days to get to me. I orderd it on Feb. 26 it was shipped Feb. 29 and got to me Mar. 4

They Ship all over the world. Give atleast a 20% discount on all items. Shipping to anywhere in the US is 5.00 anywhere out of the US 10.50. They sell Games-workshop items and many others including Reaper,Gale Force 9, etc.

The website is easy to use and lets you keep track of your orders, if you have registered with the site. But when you are buying an item(s) it doesn't give you a picture of the item(s)

This is the only time I have ordered from them once and I was pleased with my order and had no problems and would recommend this site to anyone :D

Edit by Eiglepulper: Glad to hear your purchase came through without problems, but maybe a few more purchases from them would be an idea to do to prove that this *is* their standard level of customer service.

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Re: Hobby Resource [Buying Online]

Post#22 » Jul 01 2010 05:23

Null wrote:The Bitz Barn

Bitz Barn carries a variety of Bitz for: 40k, WHFB, LOTR, Battlefleet Gothic and Necromunda. The site also carries a small supply of Pig Iron Production bitz and a few modelling supplies. In addition to selling bitz individually, you have the option to buy single Sprues or the Sprue Set.

Ease Of Use
Very easy and straightforward. Also, restocking of parts can be followed on Twitter.
Some very competitive prices (20% off retail on boxes). Also, once your on the mailing list, you can get Forge World models at a reduced shipping rate ($4) when they restock their FW supply.
Speed of Service/Quality of Packing
Speed of service is very good (longest I‘ve waited is 7 days). Quality of packing Is VERY GOOD.
Customer Service
Any inquiries I have had have been handled very promptly and professionally (They seem very big on customer service)
The Bitz Barn is located in Georgia, USA and ships worldwide.

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