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Internet [Buying Online]

Post#1 » Jan 05 2007 12:47

Buying Online
Compiled by Orange Bell and ATT Members.

The following reviews are of current online retailers. A resource especially for those of us who want new models cheap; live in areas with no good GW retailers and/or want to know where we can get good modelling supplies, such as magnets and more exotic basing materials.

To make sure the review is useful to everyone, please answer the following questions as a MINIMUM:

    1) Ease of use of their website;
    2) Competitiveness of prices, including postage;
    3) Speed of service/quality of packing;
    4) Response to inquiries;
    5) Where the online store is and where you are in relation to it (especially in relation to points b & c).

Note: Please use the full name of the place it is and the place you are. Not everyone understands obscure US state abbreviations, for example. ;)

Warning :

This isn't an advertising opportunity. If it is your own online store, then you really should not be reviewing it. This is for customers to review stores. Any 'conflicts of interest' that are discovered will be removed.

If you wish to post negative reviews of an online retailer, make sure that it is something that you have experienced, and could back up (with invoices) if asked. We do not want second-hand stories of bad experiences that may or may not be true. Please note that anything that we think is suspect will be edited, as we do not want any libel issues on our hands.

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Post#2 » Jan 05 2007 12:55

Maelstrom Games

I've used this three times now, and have been very happy each time. This shop is based in England.

I have been buying from Perth, Australia, and the longest time anything has taken to get to me was 8 working days, but that was over Xmas/New Year. The shortest was 3 working days.

They cover postage to anywhere in the world, give discounts on large orders, and the basic discount for just one item is ~25% off the Australian RRP.

The website is easy to use, and lets you track the progress of your order once you have registered.

I haven't any problems with them, so I haven't had to deal with them other than placing orders.

It's a very good service, especially for Australians, as we don't suffer the extra margin that is placed on GW stuff simply for being over here.

Ghost27 says:

I would like to review Maelstrom Games as a Canadian buyer.

I have had exactly the same experience as O-B when buying from them.

Items come on time and are well packaged and even though they save you save 10% off items it is more like 25% when compared to Canadian prices at a local retailer.

Another glowing review:

§plit§econd wrote:As a Canadian resident in BC all I gotta say is Thanks OB. Malestrom is crazy cheap. That quote where that guy saved 25% is more like 33% and thats with me getting dinged for duties, That and the exchange rate from GBP to CND is 2.3 where when I ordered my FW stuff it was at 2.1.

Thanks again OB (edit: and Ghost 27).

Another thing... you get a VERY good discount if you take up the army deal thing, where I think you have to buy at least 5 different things from one range (ie marines, tau) I spent about A$400 and got a 2000 point Tyranid army delivered to my door. That's very cheap.
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Post#3 » Jan 05 2007 08:24

The Warstore

Have to recommend this site highly. They sell more gaming supplies than modeling stuff, but you can pick up Vallejo paints from them. Most well known for being a distributor of the Army transport carrying cases. Also have a wide variety of the Chessex Dice.

You can buy GW sets from them at about 10% off, although you have to call to order them.

The guy 'Neal' referenced on the site is usually the one who answers the phone if you call, and I've never had any problems with the customer service; the orders are usually correct and on time, and the one time when there was a mix-up they corrected it quickly and effortlessly.

Quasi Moto says:
I have purchased from Thewarstore several times with positive results. Flat rate shipping, quick to get to me in Arizona. Email and phone communications is good. Prices under retail but due to GWs IP policy you must call for the actual price since Neal cannot post on-line pricing.

Edit: From what I can see, this shop only serves the US and Canada. Please correct me if this is wrong.

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Post#4 » Jan 05 2007 08:54


My top tip is good old e-bay.

It can take a while to get exactly what you want but it really does work out best. I got most of my Tau from there well under the RRP.

(My other tip, although this is more tricky to pull off, is to either have a friend who works at GW HQ or work there yourself. Thats how I got 2000+pts of tyranids for about £100.)

*Please bear in mind that asking a GW staff member to buy something for you using their discount etc will result in their being fired if caught out.* Shas'O Eiglepulper

E-Bay model tips kind of depend on a few things - what you are after and what state you want it in.

If you want a specific boxed set or blister in good condition, search for the army eg 'Tau' and maybe the type eg. 'Crisis' - Theres a variety of shops & private sellers. Most 'But it now' items will be 10% off RRP inc postage, the auction items can be much better, ive bought boxed crisis suits for about £7 versus RRP of £10 and Broadsides for £10 versus RRP of £15.

Often you can pick up unboxed sprues or partial sprue kits for much cheaper. (A lot of these are sold by GW employees who get BIG discounts) I picked up 12 gundrone sprues for less than £5 and a full FW team for about £11 this way.

If you arn't after something specific or you don't mind stripping second hand models then search a bit wider under '40K' or 'warhammer'. The reason for this is that quite often people will put stuff up that may have belonged to a friend or relative rather than themselves. These sellers wont know the right names for things and so will just call it 'warhammer' or similar. (they are also often unaware of the true cost of these things too!) Ive seen grab bags of 30 metal terminators for about £30, or some just sell them as cardboard boxes of models, books, codexes etc.

So really its a choice of :

1. boxed, mint items for about 10-15% off
2. Unboxed, sprue items for about 25% off
3. Random, sometimes glued & painted models for whatever you can get them for.

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Post#5 » Jan 05 2007 09:52

CCG Armory

22% off all GW! They also carry tons of other minis, games, and accessories. I've shopped from them quite a bit and never had any problems. Check them out!

Edit for Greater Justice!
a) Website is easy to use. Typical shopping cart/check out process.
b) Have several shipping options. From USPS Media Mail (cheapest) to UPS Next Day
c) Fast delivery unless item is back-ordered (they're very good at posting what's in stock and what isn't on their site) and packing is good
d) Respond quickly to emails (canceled an order once this way)
e) Located in Baltimore, Maryland and I get my stuff (Dallas, Texas) in good time

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Post#6 » Feb 07 2007 06:49

Dark Sphere (formerly known as Miniatures By Post)

Please note that DARK SPHERE post to anywhere in the world, a change from the former Miniatures By Post system. Their postage cost is also INCLUDED in the price you see on the models, so discounts are about 15% effectively, according to their site.

I have ordered from the former site with great satisfaction in speed of delivery, their standards and professionalism. An example:

On 30-07-07: Ordered Megaforce, Battleforce and 3 Sniper Drone Teams from MbP about a month ago. Saved just over £40 on GW Direct, arrived within days. Highly satisfied with this company.

Further Edit on 05-05-09 for Shas'vre Mnemonic:
Mnemonic wrote:I tried Miniatures by Post for my last order, and in general I'm very satisfied with them. I placed a £205 order that included a WFB Battalion box set, plus an assortment of boxes - Skaven Clanrats and Nightrunners, a Dreadnaught, Space Marine Scouts, High Elf Mages, etc - and blisters containing both specials and mainstream miniatures such as some of the HE special characters. They forgot to ship the second blister of Poison Wind Globadiers, but put one in the post the day after I contacted them to find out why it hadn't been placed in with my main order. That counts for a lot, to me - I contacted them late in the evening (about 9pm) and had an email dated around 10am the next day confirming it was their mistake and that it would be in the post imminently.

The discount was pretty solid, although I was mainly ordering big plastic sets that seem to get a better discount than smaller items like blisters; the only (minor) grumble I'd have is that having placed the order and paid for it on the 19th of April, the posting date on the parcel was the 24th - so it took them four working days not counting the bank holiday to assemble the order and put it in the post. It did get to me on the 27th, though.

As of 5 October 2009 I have not yet used the new Dark Sphere site, but will report back when I do.


Edit: Summer 2010: Dark Sphere are just as good and reliable as ever.
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Post#7 » Feb 07 2007 08:05

Military Simulations

Within Australia. I've used these guys in the past, and many of my friends have used them. They also have a large range of stuff that is not Warhammer. In fact they just have a huge range of pretty much anything. Their Warhammer ranges are sold at roughly 10% off, plus the cost of postage. Shipping is fairly quick (less than a week from memory). They also have a good range of scenery (especially the CNC stuff, I've bought some of these from them myself and whilst i haven't yet put it together, it appears to be quite good quality). And always check out their Crazy Specials regularly, they will have huge discounts. They also run tournaments if you live in Melbourne.

O-B wrote:I've also used these guys in the past, watch out for their specials. Some of their non-GW stuff goes at absolute bargain prices.

Edit - Post edited for fuller review of site.
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Post#8 » Feb 07 2007 08:13

Bitz Box

El'Flasman wrote:I haven't used these guy's but I felt they must get a mention here's the link:

As the name implies they're a website that sells bitz. Check it out it's pretty cool.

Thanks Flashman.

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Post#9 » Feb 07 2007 08:52

Battlewagon Bits

I've used them twice now, once for bits and once for a Sky Ray.

They have an enormous selection of bits from all races in Fantasy and 40k, and every Tau plastic boxed set (no blisters or all-pewter box sets unfortunately) except the Megaforce. They also sell the Army Builder software, Vallejo model colors and effects, Army Transport cases and foam trays, as well as other wargaming accessories.

The prices are some of the lowest I've seen (an average of 20% off), and shipping in the U.S. per order is $2.99 for bits-only shipments and $4.99 for box sets with an additional $.75 for each box set after that. They do offer International shipping, but the prices vary depending on the weight of the shipment.

Haven't had any inquiries yet, so I don't know about their response time, and their website is pretty standard as far as ease-of-use. Also can't remember exactly where it is located, but it's somewhere in the U.S. :D

Highly recommended! :D

Jabberwock wrote:The first time I bought from them they forgot to include part of my order - the central turret of the skyray pieces I bought. I e-mailed them and the next day I got an apology and two choices: 1. they will send the part out asap 2. they will give me free shipping on my next order, and include the part they forgot. No problems.

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Post#10 » Feb 12 2007 10:17

Dice Pool

I bought all of my dice from Dice Pool based out of Milwaukie, Oregon. They offer a very broad selection of dice in many sizes. My particular favorites are in the Gemini series. They come in a wide variety of colors, and my favorite they offer is the blue / purple set.


Their website is very easy to navigate, and there are large accurate pictures of each product.

Most dice web sites have more or less the same selection, but it turned out that Dice Pool had the lowest prices after shipping (at least for the Northeast part of the US). They prefer to use the US Postal Service, which can get dice anywhere in the US within 2 to 3 days.

I got my dice in two days, which means there's not a huge wait for "processing."

I didn't have to send any inquiries to their customer support, so I can't speak to that aspect. They do not accept returns at all, however, they will replace damaged or defective items.

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Post#11 » Mar 10 2007 09:31

This site has a rather large selection of 40k modles, but little LOTR :(
Also, it has a nice 20% off and carries minis from probably every range out there.
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Post#12 » Mar 10 2007 10:24

username - Thanks for the link, but a bit more info would be useful, please see the first post.


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Post#13 » Mar 10 2007 11:42

RnR Miniatures

Awesome site with a lot of discount on the normal GW prices. With only $6.76 for postage worldwide!

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Post#14 » Mar 10 2007 02:46

they run 20% off GW with free and fast shipping (free on orders over $70). Phone orders only as they don't list GW stuff on site.
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Post#15 » Jul 30 2007 09:07

A local gaming store to me and website. Offer's discount on GW stuff and some other bits and bobs, I recomend the terrain there, some of it is top notch.
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Post#16 » Sep 25 2007 09:50

Has anyone ordered from these fellas? Found it by chance and I must say their prices are well below selling price.

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Post#17 » Sep 25 2007 11:17 they sell nice miniature cases, the best IMO

a) Ease of use of their website;
eh, its a lil iffy, and the fact that they use java applets can be really irritating...
b) Competitiveness of prices, including postage;
the cases are cheap, and free P&P worldwide!
c) Speed of service/quality of packing;
came very quickly, and was packed well (well, as well as a box needs to be...)
d) Response to inquiries;
have not made any, so don't have a clue
e) Where the online store is and where you are in relation to it (especially in relation to points b & c).
the store and me are in the UK

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Post#18 » Sep 26 2007 03:44

Ive used and was very happy with the case and the service.

The site is not the best though.

They also sell on ebay butts £15 + £5 postage not £20 no ppostage

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