Painting [Tutorial : Tau Skin]

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Painting [Tutorial : Tau Skin]

Post#1 » Feb 22 2007 10:54

Painting Tau Skin
Compiled by Shas'El Tael

A brief run through on one particular method of painting Tau Skin.

The Colours

Shadow Grey
Space Wolf Grey
Skull White (mixed for highlights)
(Personally, I refrain from using a 'Flesh' colour as I feel mixing a warm colour and a cool colour is well, odd.)


Standard Brush for the broad wash and large areas
Fine Detail Brush for highlights and features.
(I use different brushes with size numbers, but I'm using Games Workshop's system for reference)

The Sequence :


Slightly watered down wash of Shadow Grey (SG) over a White spray basecoat.


70/30 mix of SG and Space Wolf Grey (SWG) to paint a smooth base skin colour across the broad areas of the head.


50/50 mix of SG and SWG, then build this up once more over the higher features (25/75 SG + SWG), then finally highlighted with SWG.

Going further than the example, you can pick out some sharper features with a mix of SWG and Skull White. Then clean up with your base tunic colour about the neck collar.

Additionally, very light washes of SG, can be brushed into place to deepen the temples, mouth and creases helps add depth and 'age' to a Tau Face.

I also often add 'freckles' on the cranium, this I do with watered down Shadow Grey, spot the head heavily along the center line, less so towards the temples and forehead.

example :

[Personal Notes]
The lighter the skin colour, for me, signifies age. The Tau's skin become more dry over time, less youthful and vibrant. It allows you to distinguish veterans from fresh Shas'la Firewarriors.

I hope this quick tutorial helped those whom asked :)

Shas'El Tael.
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