Painting [Tutorial : Lenses]

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Painting [Tutorial : Lenses]

Post#1 » Sep 12 2007 08:46

Painting Lenses
Written by Shas'El Tael (additional Square Lens by Ultrablue42)

The following is a simple technique I use for my lens work. Basically, my aim is to choose a base colour, two highlights and white. No mixing. Makes for very straight forward and bold lens work. Perfect for production line work of an entire squad.

The Colours

As per your colour preference. Essentially, choose a dark base, medium highlight and a sharp highlight then white.


Fine Detail Brush
(I use different brushes with size numbers, but I'm using Games Workshop's system for reference)

The Sequence :


[Personal Notes]
I like to have a dark color ring (black even) or shaded background to the lens area, makes the lens Pop! off the miniature and not get lost in the details.

You can further advance this technique with a shade wash over the highlights to tone down the brightness of the lense. Also, choosing a very bright shade of the lense colour as the 'light spot' can add a soft depth to the 'gem' effect.

I hope this quick tutorial helped those whom asked :)

Shas'El Tael.

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Re: Looking for tutorial on painting binocular lense

Post#2 » May 05 2008 02:10


Step 1. Paint the lens the primary color that you would like the lens to be. Be aware you will need at least 2 high lights of this color. For my example I used what would be regal blue as a base and Ultramarine Blue and Enchanted blue as my highlights.

Step 2. Apply your first High light making an L shape at the bottom right corner. In my case this would be Ultramarine Blue.

Step 3. Apply you second highlight over the top of your first highlight leaving some of the pervious highlight showing. In my case this would be Enchanted Blue over the top of the Ultramarine Blue. Note if you want to blend the lens even more repeat steps 2 and 3 with lighter and lighter highlights.

Step 4. Apply a white L shaped line going from all the way across the top of your lens.

That’s how I do my lens, if anyone has any suggestions or tips by all means add them
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