Miniatures [Alternate & Custom Vehicles]

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Miniatures [Alternate & Custom Vehicles]

Post#1 » Apr 03 2008 04:47

Alternate & Custom Vehicles
Compiled by maxxev.

Tau Flyers
Dorado (Jeff, Custom model maker)
Air Caste Freight Transport (Typhoid Garry, WIP)
Tau Lander (GreyDeath, WIP)

Tau Aux
Kwarla's vehicle (Typhoid Garry, WIP)
Kroot Battle Sphere (Typhoid Garry, WIP)
Alternate Krootox idea (Beast Aux) (not strictly a vehicle I know (tj_chisholm, WIP))
Kroot Sentinal (GreyDeath, WIP)
Crab Tank (GreyDeath, WIP)

Tau Drones
Tau Turtle (GreyDeath, WIP)
Crayfish & Scampi Drones (GreyDeath, WIP)
High grav gun drone (wheeled) (GreyDeath, WIP)

Tau Heavy Conversions
Alternate Skyray conversion (Cannonfodder, Advanced Tau Tactica)
Lighting up / mechanising a Hammerhead (Calaban, WIP (no updates since Dec 07 though))
Open Cockpit Devilfish
Super detailled devilfish (Catsy, Tau online)
Swordfish (Sparkey G, WIP)
Dophin (GreyDeath, WIP)
Razorfish (GreyDeath, WIP)
Manatee (GreyDeath, WIP)
Manatee X-wing (GreyDeath, WIP)

Tau Superheavies
Tau Medium Dropship (Garfinkle, WIP) ... topic=3511
Hammerfish (GreyDeath, WIP)
Moray (GreyDeath, WIP)
Shadow-Swordfsih (GreyDeath, WIP)
Spider Crab (GreyDeath, WIP)

Tau Jetbikes
Sniper Bike (Stryd, WIP)
Nautilus Jetbike (Nevermore, WIP)

Alternate miniatures
Dronebot Remotes (Infinity)
Drones Yaokong (Infinity)
Hover Bikes (Greydeath, WIP) (I-kore / Urban Mammoth bikes)
Dart Wing (Alpha Forge Games)

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