Painting [Firewarrior Painter (courtesy B&C)]

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Painting [Firewarrior Painter (courtesy B&C)]

Post#1 » Apr 07 2008 10:45

Firewarrior Painting Program
Presented by Brother Argos

On April 1st, 2008, the team at Bolter & Chainsword organised a brilliant April Fool's Day gag in collaboration with the ATT Admin team. The result turned one of the web's best Space Marine Forums (if not the best) to resemble Advanced Tau Tactica. Within, a fantastic surprise was included, this Firewarrior Paint Scheme program which replaced the usual Marine program. Herewith, on behalf of Bolter & Chainsword :

The Firewarrior Painting Program
Copyright (c) 2008 David Johnston, Fire Warrior : Artwork done by Dominic Chan (2008)
Link Updated for V2.0 Beta Release : Jan. 10, 2010
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