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Modelling [Supplies|Magnets|Cases]

Post#1 » Apr 20 2006 08:18

Welcome Fellow Fio,

The following lists Scenery, Hobby and Modelling supplies alongside those ever important magnet manufacturers. Included at the end are the very important transport cases for your miniatures.

Resin Terrain

MicroArt Studios Found by coyote1066.
Resin bases with ruins, using Tau iconography, superb for urban cadres.
Microart's Detailed Tau Ruins 30mm Bases

Antenociti's Workshop Found by adb.
Resin terrain pieces and scenery items, such as turrets and bunkers with sic-fi interior detailing kits.

Forgecraft Games Found by Eiglepulper.
Resin bases, around a dozen different types of surface, most base sizes covered. Available as full packs or random selections.

Hobby Links

Supplier of Magisculpt
Alternate epoxy putty to 'GreenStuff'
Polymeric Systems
The makers of the epoxy putty 'GreenStuff'

Model Parts and Modification Parts
BattleWagon Bits
GW Model kit pieces for the avid converter
HobbyLink Japan
Supplier of Mecha Detailing kits
An alternate supplier of mecha hobby kit accessories

Magnet Suppliers
Aussie magnets
Australian Small Magnet Supplier
Power Magnets
UK Based Small Magnet Supplier
E-Magnets UK
UK-based Magnets Supplier
USA based Small Magnet Supplier
Amazing Magnets
USA Magnet Supplier, fast and great customer service.
USA based Small Magnet Supplier

Styrene Modelling Suppliers and Hobby Tools
Evergreen Scale Models
The world's largest producer of styrene plastic shapes, strips, and sheet materials for hobby modelling.
e-Hobby Tools
Supplier of various hobby needs.
A selection of small tools and reasonable shipping. Also stock the miter box and a number of useful miter contraptions. (link by Rolgan)

Hobby Links : Transport Cases and Bags
Figures In Comfort
Sabol Designs (Ships USA Only)
Feldherr, European based brand, ships internationally.
MiniSoft, Australian based brand, ships locally only.

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