Looking for Battlefleet Gothic Models.

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Looking for Battlefleet Gothic Models.

Post#1 » Aug 01 2017 07:05

Dear Members of the Greater Good.

Since Years I' only playing Battlefleet Gothic for Shure I started with Tau but in the Last Years my Colletion became really serious.

So im looking around the Internet an Want to buy each Space Ship Games Workshop ever produced.

So because my collection is missing some Models of the Tau/Demiurg/Kroot Range mostly i wan't you to ask if some of you Veteran Players may have some Left in the Basement or otherwise unused in there colletion.

The Modells I am looking for are:

Tau Forgeworld Courier Escort,

Kroot Warsphere,
Forgeworld Demiurg Stronghold,
Forgeworld Demiurg Bastion,

Rogue Trader Cruiser,
Forgeworld Transport Cruiser Tanker,
Forgeworld Q Ships,
Forgeworld Eldar Transport,

GW Tau Stations

I´m located in Germany and prefer PayPal but I have some rare 40k Stuff like Limeted Box Etereals, Ankor Prok and the like to trade if you Interested in such Stuff. If you don't whamt to Send Stuff abroad let me know I have Friends in NY who are willing to help me out.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Re: Looking for Battlefleet Gothic Models.

Post#2 » Aug 25 2017 12:32

You can find a number of Tau BFG ships available for print-on-demand at Shapeways.

https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/g ... g/?tag=tau

Hope that's useful!

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