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Re: Deathwatch Army - Hammer Time!

Post#19 » Aug 22 2017 04:15

Time, I think, for my semi-annual update, with a few more marines - I've been loving the new kits, but it does mean that even with these 11, my to-paint pile has got much bigger. Three of the models below are from Deathwatch Overkill - can you spot the hidden one?

(Another) Novamarine, Howling Griffon, Blood Raven, homebrew chapter 1 (suggestions welcome)

Silver Skull, Red Scorpion, homebrew chapter 2 (Aztec themed, yes that is an obsidian mace you can see poking out), Metamarine

Celestial Lion, Dark Angel (Ravenwing biker, not pictured), Angel Encarmine, Imperial Fist

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