Welcome to Enemies & Alternate Systems

A Forum to discuss models of the Tau's Enemies, including Alternate Wargame Systems.
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Welcome to Enemies & Alternate Systems

Post#1 » Jun 25 2009 01:42

Welcome to Enemies & Alternate Systems!

The forum where the Tau Empire stops. Feel free to post projects not directly related to the Tau. Be they alternate models, wargames and even actual Enemy factions from Warhammer 40k. Do not be paranoid that this is merely an attempt to ensure all opposing factions are in one convenient forum for us to gain further tactical insights about our foes.

Although we understand the calm civility that is the Tau Empire no longer holds sway here, we at ATT still expect the same standards to be maintained. Therefore, well written, interesting and informative posts will always garner a response from fellow members.

Here are some ATT Resources that may interest the alternate modeller:

Hobby Resource [Alternate Tau & Alien Miniatures]
Hobby Resource [Alternate & Custom Vehicles]
Hobby Resource [GW/Player Created Tau Auxiliaries]
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