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Re: [Alternate Systems] Space Hulk

Post#73 » Sep 29 2009 12:35

Doombringer wrote:Eh, I doubt they'll reuse them.

A lot of the models have rather exquisitely crafted bases; Broodlord (standing on a hill of skulls) and many Genestealers (climbing walls, coming through floors, etc.) included.

Wouldn't be very 40k compatible, with the LOS rules pretty much marking this thing out as a target no matter where he is on the tabletop. :P

"It's hard to imagine GW not re-using such nice scupts in some form or another." .....I was thinking that it would not be very hard for GW to re-use the Broodlord SH figure on a standard gaming base or simply reduce the 'hill of skulls' to a flatter base.

Or do as Rackham (GW to a lesser extent) does with its plastics, deconstuct the figures back into their basic parts such as torso, heads, arms, legs and then use those as a basis for future figures.

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Re: [Alternate Systems] Space Hulk

Post#74 » Oct 15 2009 04:18

So I played my first game of space hulk the other day and I have to say it is pretty fun. Then I started about your suggestion to make a "travel Hulk", Paulson Games, but I can't seem to find any epic scale tyranids... it doesn't look like GW or FW makes tyranids for epic:armageddon. Do you, or anyone else, have any suggestions as to where else to get epic scale genestealers? Or what other companies produce appropriately sized alien minis that can be used to represent the stealers?
Any help would be appreciated!


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Re: [Alternate Systems] Space Hulk

Post#75 » Oct 15 2009 07:18

They used to be available, but doesn't look like they are in production so finding them may be difficult.

Here's a link to the site I'd seen it on originally: http://spacehulk.barsoom.cc/mirrors/shc/travelsh.htm

Alternately you might even be able to skip the miniatures altogether as you could just print out little icons on paper and glue them to magnets.

Micromachines made toys for the aliens movies which might be small enough but not sure, also you might be able to substiture rippers from FW for the genestealers, but again I'm not sure on the scale.
Paulson Games parts are now at www.reddogminis.com

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Re: [Alternate Systems] Space Hulk

Post#76 » Oct 19 2009 10:45

Shas'El Tael wrote:@Mauler,

Thanks for the array of close up images! Whilst I've seen it personally, certainly a handy thing for others. Appreciate the effort!

~ Tael.

Never a problem, El'Tael. It may be Imperial but it was most certainly for the Greater Good ;)

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