El'mo's Chocochip Astra Milliwhatnow

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Re: El'mo's Chocochip Astra Milliwhatnow

Post#61 » Mar 05 2017 04:38

Cheers Tael :)

Here is the cut and paste from my BnCS thread on how I did the bases

Planning far ahead again... I was pottering around in my workshop/shed doing some cleanup after a DIY job and found an old football table base. It is 5-6mm thick fibreboard and it got me thinking...

When I get around to building up my HW teams I want them to be based so as to be able to remove one of the models as a wound marker. One thing lead to another and these where the result


The discs are a little over 60mm (nearest size of cutter I had) with a 26mm diameter recess drilled out to a depth to fit the standard 25mm plastic base. They have just been painted with a watered down PVA and when dry will get a spray of black primer.

I only made 9 to start off with but I have enough fibre board for at least another 9

If anyone is interested in making their own you will need one of these:

Hole Saw, 65mm Diameter

and one of these:

Kitchen Cupboard Door Hinge Hole Cutter Drill 25/26mm diameter

and naturally a drill with a drill stand

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Re: El'mo's Chocochip Astra Milliwhatnow

Post#62 » Mar 11 2017 05:44

Huh...(strokes goatee).. thats really cool. Thanks for the repost! :)

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Re: El'mo's Chocochip Astra Milliwhatnow

Post#63 » Apr 02 2017 09:13

Those chimera counts-as are awesome. Great work incorporating them into the guard!

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