Terrain modelling and special theme "Worlds of Tzeentch"

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Terrain modelling and special theme "Worlds of Tzeentch"

Post#1 » Jun 28 2014 01:27

I've come into the possession of these nifty, blocky stands that look like a bunch of cubes stuck into each other at different angles. It provides a lot of flat surfaces but at different heights. I didn't want to just leave them as hab-blocks and then I recalled an idea I had flirted with.

The actual modelling is not as important as the rules and theme I need to lay out for them so I wanted to run them by other players. The test rules go as follows.

Worlds of Tzeentch

The chaos lord of magic, the Changer of Ways, is loathe to leave absolutely anything static for long. The worlds that start to feel his influence begin to alter. Naturally, this causes havoc for the troops on the ground.

At the start of each player turn, before the movement phase, roll a scatter dice for each terrain piece and building. Scatter the piece as if it were deep striking and then place the terrain or building in its new resting place. Terrain pieces cannot scatter off the board and so come as close to the edge as possible without going over. Should two or more pieces collide, place them as close as possible without overlapping. Once all pieces have been scattered, begin the rest of the turn as normal.

Units that are within a building, or a whole unit completely in a terrain piece, scatter with the piece and suffer no penalties. They are along for the ride.

If a unit is partially within a terrain piece or building, they must take a pinning test. If passed, the terrain scatters while the unit remains in place as if nothing occurred. If failed, the unit travels with the terrain, maintaining unit coherency. Try to keep them as they were before they moved when they reach their final destination. Should other terrain pieces come upon them, try to place them as close as possible to their original position while maintaining coherency.

Should a terrain or building pass through a unit but their final placement does not affect them, take a pinning test. Regardless of whether they pass or fail, their position is otherwise unaffected by the moving terrain piece.

Should a vehicle or monstrous creature be within affected by a terrain piece moving on them or through them, treat it as if they had suffered a single get hot wound and roll to save as normal. If they were already wholly within a terrain piece or partially in, treat it as outlined as above.

Comments? Critiques? Should I just scrap the whole idea? Understandably, these rules will lengthen the match time and so if the players are strapped for time, it may be restricted to lower point battles.
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Re: Terrain modelling and special theme "Worlds of Tzeentch"

Post#2 » Jun 28 2014 04:53

I love it. And I will definitely try it out next time I play. Great idea.

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