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HoR Kill Team

Posted: Sep 26 2014 02:00
by foto69man
Not sure if everyone or anyone has stumbled onto Herald of Ruins modified Kill Tam rules...but I like em.

Basically cuts down the normal Kill Team, makes it smaller, and tighters, and more 'necromunda-ish.' Adds in some RPG elements for campaigns too which is really cool. I will be playing my first game of it this weekend running this 200pt list:

198pt Kill Team
Crisis Shas'vre 111pts
-Iridium Armor
-2 Marker Drones
-Missile Pod
-Twin Linked Fusion Blaster

Fire Warriors 18pts

Kroot 14pts

Kroot Hound 5pts

Broadside Shas'ui 50pts

The Bench 52pts
Crisis Shas'ui 32pts
Fire Warrior 9pts
Kroot 6pts
Kroot Hound 5pts

I'll let everyone know how it goes and plays. If anyone else has, please post your thoughts here!

Re: HOR Kill Team

Posted: Sep 26 2014 02:22
by reconjsh
I've seen them... looked interesting. If I were to do it, I'd take a Kroot Shaman even if it's suboptimal. Tau with a psychic phase, yes! ;)