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Tempestus Scions are overpriced

Posted: Apr 07 2015 09:27
by Critacal
With the coming release of the Adeptus Mechanicus/Skitarii or the Skits as I prefer to call them.

There obviously has been leaked info and photos of their stat line as of right now they are superior to Tempestus Scions +1 ld, cheaper point wise, weapons look superior on paper.

images exceed posting size so I have to link them.
Rangers ... 69cb8f.jpg

Vanguard ... 0/ad_7.jpg


Also on GW own Website the Vanguard/Rangers are being sold for £23.50 for 10 models Tempestus Scions are £21 for 5 models. Yes you can turn the Scions into a HQ or troop choice but honestly can you really say that is worth it for almost double the price of an army which is arguably stronger?

I hope no one recently bought the Scions as a separate army or in mass.

Re: Tempestus Scions are overpriced

Posted: Apr 07 2015 10:10
by shasocastris
As it has been noted, this post is not up to par. Locked.