WH40K Fire Warrior for pc

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Re: WH40K Fire Warrior for pc

Post#11 » May 10 2015 02:21

yeah I havn't played since I borrowed it from a video store for the PS2 and from memory it was fun as hell! if it's isn't available on a service like steam or another service provider I can download to my pc I might just have to give it a miss since by the time it'll arrive from amazon my crippling hit of nostalgia will most likely be over.

thanks for the feed back crew.

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Re: WH40K Fire Warrior for pc

Post#12 » Feb 01 2016 05:40

Critacal wrote:Ah Firewarrior the game that gave birth to the legendary Firewarrior of Khorne.


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Re: WH40K Fire Warrior for pc

Post#13 » Apr 22 2016 11:53

Sorry I know this is tad old but I have something that may be considered valid.

I cant seem to find it immediately but I remember seeing a mod for the game Arma 2 that gave you the ability to play a handful of GW races. Obviously renamed and altered enough to avoid legal issues. The Tau on there had a really interesting look and feel. Not sure if it's still around but it might suit to give those of us video gamers our Tau fix! Good hunting

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