(Bandai) 1/100 scale Gundam Barbatos

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(Bandai) 1/100 scale Gundam Barbatos

Post#1 » Feb 19 2016 07:05

Hey guys,
I thought you might like this. The Barbatos is my second Gundam kit and certainly not the last!
For everybody who does not know Bandai's modelkits, they don't require glueing, are highly poseable/movable and have a awesome part separation.
The latter makes painting really easy and fun. I'm not a fan of using them as "Tau Titans" because I think their design don't really fit with the Tau look.
BUT, anyone seeking for a bit of relief from building and painting Tau or other tabletop miniatures: I can highly recommend them!


I never had more fun building and painting a kit! :D
C&C welcome!


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Re: (Bandai) 1/100 scale Gundam Barbatos

Post#2 » Feb 19 2016 09:00

Lovely piece :3

I got one of the Gundams (the Shinanju Stein) as well Though I believe mine is a smaller scale than this giant ^^
Assembling that was great fun and a dream come true for anyone who loves miniatures/legos/puzzles. Great to see there are more people who had the option to enjoy building one of these. Cheers ! (raises a mug filled with ye good ale hur hurr).

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