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Random Platypus

Posted: Apr 20 2017 01:12
by Paulson

Random Platypus!

'Steve' is another escapee from the hybrid experimentation factory that spawned H4, Smudgester and Chipster. Attempting Hybrids to operate on hostile swamp planets they used an extinct Earth mammals DNA.

Since their escape, Steve has banded with Chipster and is outfitted in similar custom-designed amour, with an IR-Win cyber-eye, and is armed with a railgun of unknown origin.

Available here -

I saw this and thought it'd make an awesome aux model, unfortunately it's a one off so make squads of these guys might prove difficult. But still a cool and amusing model.

Re: Random Platypus

Posted: Apr 24 2017 06:41
by Tael
Heh - yah it is a great model by Hasslefree - much like their sci fi battle dogs :)