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dropfleet & dropzone commander

Post#1 » Dec 28 2017 12:01

so i wander , if GW uses its habit to copy rules and designs from other games-worlds what would have happened if it used the mechanics of dropfleet and dropzone commander ,to use the outcome of a dropflleet battle to affect the dropzone battle in a combined tournament of both?

like use the outcome of a battlefleet cothic game to see how many points or kind of units , other players could use in a typical wh40k game or even in a Apocalypse game?

Would have some success?
would you something like that??
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Re: dropfleet & dropzone commander

Post#2 » Dec 28 2017 12:51

I played in a big store game at my FLGS back in 4th or 5th that was a mixed Battlefleet Gothic and Apocalypse game. The planet was a terrain piece on the Gothic board, and if you were able to get within a couple inches of it you were considered "in orbit". If you were in orbit your side for a free Orbital Barrage Stratagem. One of the objectives on the Apocalypse map was a giant cannon, and you could make a free shooting attack once per turn at the ships over head.

So yeah, its doable with a little house ruling. Was a hell of a lot of fun too.

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