Dark Angels Complete Chapter (9/June Photos of WIP)

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Re: Dark Angels Complete Chapter (12/Feb Photos of WIP)

Post#37 » Feb 15 2009 05:21

I encourage you to join Rogue-Market.com, you'll get more feedback there, as we're an all army forum. This looks good. For your Devastators, you could try Sternguard vetz, and Vets mk1 and 2. Just remove the arms, and use plastic Dev pieces.

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Re: Dark Angels Complete Chapter (12/Feb Photos of WIP)

Post#38 » Feb 15 2009 07:05

I really like the base, you should ust get some sand or something and get the feeling of dirt/smaller rubble in it.
looks to out of place at the moment, but with some rubble it would look great.
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Re: Dark Angels Complete Chapter (9th June Update of WIP)

Post#39 » Jun 09 2009 03:06

UPDATE TIME: well some issues came up over the past couple of months an I've finally found some time to just sit and let me imaination run wild (In other words I broke my ankle <_< )

After playing around with Sicariusas for a bit, I think this is pritty much how I wanted him to look:



I was planning to give him a Halberd but I can seem to find the right shape for the blade
(I'll post some photo's of it tomorrow)

Just a quick update and more to come
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