First 8th Tau battle played

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First 8th Tau battle played

Post#1 » Jun 19 2017 01:50

Played a small points battle ( 500 ) against Black Templars.

This was my first battle with Tau, first battle with 8th and first 40K battle in a few years.

Our set ups ( roughly )
- 10 Firewarriors in Devilfish
- 5 pathfinders ( 1 rail rifle )
- 4 gun drones
- 1 Cadre fireblade
- 1 commander ( 3 fusion blasters, shield generator )

- 5 assault marines in Razorback
- Captain also in the razorback
- 6 shooting marines with a few special weapons
- 5 jump suit marines

After 3 turn Tau shooting had mostly whiped the board, not losing full units


* Fusion Blaster commander manta striking and wrecking the razorback, didn't even have to use a re roll to make 10 wounds.

* Marker lights are pretty awesome. Pathfinders in cover from the enemy deployment zone can lite up a large part of the board without being in danger themselves.

* Units with flying ( suits ) can fall back from combat and still shoot. This is pretty good as well. 6 wounds T6 and a shield generator means it's quite hard to kill them in a single turn of combat.
-> Also : one commander manta striking is a lot easier to hide from the rest of their army then a unit of 3 suits. Definatly will be using commanders for specific hunting jobs.

- Pathfinder special weapons : not sure if worth it. The weapons themselves are fine but the fact that you sacrifice a marker light is not appealing.

- Seeker missiles : thinking about loading up on them next time. They represent the one thing Tau seem to be really good at, namely the ability to hit any part of the battlefield really hard in a single turn. Suits manta striking is awesome but when the target lives with a single wound, your suits might not see the next turn. Having a few seeker missiles as an insurance makes their cost so much worth it.

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