Posting Pictures in Battle Reports - please read.

Battle Reports and debriefing thoughts about your Tau in action
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Posting Pictures in Battle Reports - please read.

Post#1 » Jun 05 2008 06:44

Batrep Pictures: a simple request.

We really appreciate the time and effort that many of our members put in when posting up the details of the epic struggles which they have engaged in against the enemy. In particular, posting some pictures along with the narrative really brings the story to life, allowing the reader to get down into the battlefield with the Tau Commander.

However, although these add greatly to battle reports, allowing everyone to see the development of the game and so on, please make sure that your pictures are not so large that other members are obliged to scroll horizontally in order to see the whole picture and read to the end of each line of writing! This can get extremely tedious if one has to do it too often.

If one uses Photobucket, it has been put forward by 'ElFlashman that their 'message board size (640x480) is more than adequate for posting pictures to forums. Photobucket also have an easy-to-use editing facility too, which can be used to resize pictures before linking them to this site. A short guide is available here to help you with this.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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