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600 Point Tau first second and third.

Posted: Sep 08 2015 01:46
by PeculiarFireWarrior
Recently me and a few of my friends went to a 600 point tournament and tau placed 1st second and third. We had a few big restrictions: No more than 33 armour on tanks, no more than 2 wounds and no better than 2+ saves. The three tau lists were all very different, one entirely kroot, one heavy on stealth suits and mine was 1 unit of flamer crisis, 1 unit of twin linked missile pod crisis, 6 pathfinders and a fusion blaster and pulse rifle lone crisis. I also had an ethereal with two units of ten kroot. Objectives are worth 3 and secondaries are worth 1.
In my first game i was up against the stealth army. The opponent went first, taking a drone and a wound of one crisis. Then i went, i shot in retaliation killing 2 fire warriors with the pods, 1 stealth with my fusion crisis and my flamers took out 2 markerlight drones then hid near the bastion the opponent was hiding in. On his turn he killed one crisis with a fusion stealth then it was my turn again. Realising he was no using tau speed to his advantage i outflanked a unit of kroot onto one of the objectives. He was already on the objective with his stealth so i deployed about 6 inches away and killed one of his stealth units. I also killed 1 marker drone and 5 fire warriors. on his turn he moved his fire warriors deeper into the bastion. I moved further toward one of the objectives with my missile pod crisis. At this stage they were 6 inches away. My kroot were dying and would not grab the objective but my flamer crisis were stopping his fire warriors from getting the objective (i was farsight enclaves so i had objective secured.)
My second unit of kroot outflanked onto the stealth team holding an objective, kroot having objective secured i had already won as objectives were 3 points each, i decided to jetpack my missile pod crisis in order to win by a larger margin, i rolled a 4 and a 3, measured and as i picked up my crisis the clock struck 60 minuites so it was game over. I had already won but my opponent was being his usual stubborn self and would not let me grab the last objective even though everyone else was finishing their turn. I had one 3-1 as he got first blood.

Second game was against chaos. They had 2 cultist units, a chaos lord and some sort of chaos sorcerer. There was more but i cannot recognise the units but they were quite strong. First turn went to my opponent who set up just a line across the board, i did almost a bubble with kroot on the outside, then crisis then more kroot then pathfinders, i set this up knowing she had no blast templates. They summoned first turn but the summoned unit fell off the board edge. She slowly charged her cultists and her lord forwards. In response i pushed my missile pod crisis suits out the bubble to shoot, killing four of the lords unit and one unit of kroot wandered to the right of the field. Second turn she succesfully summoned 10 bloodletters. She continues to push up the lord and the cultists. I shoot away the last of the lords men and charge the bloodletters with my kroot hoping for the extra hit in combat. I lost only four kroot and finished of the bloodletters. Coming up to the last turn as we were low on time i shot he lord off getting slay, kroot took one objective, and crisis jet packed onto the other two winning the game 11-0.( 3 objectives, blood and slay).