Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

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Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

Post#1 » Oct 17 2015 10:05

So me and my friend met up for a 2000 points game. I fielded Farsight Enclaves and He took a Dark Angels Ravenwing force. We decided to play Way of the short sword as it seemed an appropriate mission.

I brought this.

HQ: 225

Commander Farsight

Cadre Fireblade

TROOPS - 729

Crisis Team
- 3 Suits
- 3x Plasma Rifle & Missile Pod
- Shas'vre with talisman of arthas moloch
- 2 Counterfire Defence system
- Bonding knife ritual

Kroot Squad
- 15 Kroot
- Shaper

Fire Warrior Team
- 12 Fire Warriors
- Shas'ui
- Bonding Knife ritual
- Devilfish

Fire Warrior Team
- 12 Fire Warriors
- Shas'ui
- Bonding Knife ritual
- Devilfish


- 10 Pathfinders
- 3 Rail Rifles
- Shas'ui with blacksun filter
- Bonding Ritual

Piranha Squadron
- 5 Piranhas
- 5 Fusion Blasters


- Early Warning Override

- Railgun
- Longstrike
- Twin SMS

Lords of War - 380

KV128 Stormsurge
- Twin Burst Cannon
- Pulse Driver Cannon

Whilst I don't have my opponent's list yet (i did ask him for it) I can make a rough approximation.
His army consisted of

2 Ravenwing Attack squadrons
- 3 bikes and 1 land speeder each

2 Squads of black knights with some kind of plasma fudgery

2 Darkshroud land speeders accompanied by several normal land speeders each

A command squad including Sammael on his jetbike

A librarian on a bike

3 Flyers of some description

As per the rules of the mission Dark Angels deployed first followed by Farsight. I decided to Deploy a gunline with farsight held in reserve. My heavy ordnance and massed pulse fire would kill enough bikers to render their charges manageable. Meanwhile farsight and his homies would appear at the rear and cleave through land speeders. Thus earning me the assault phase kills required to win.


Farsight then get first turn... unless the opponent seizes the initiative, which they did.

Dark Angel Turn 1

Everything moves forwards.
The librarian casts rage on his Black knights and Aversion of my stormsurge, I fail to stop him so the Stormsurge fires snap shots in the following turn.
Over the course of the Dark angel shooting phase many heavy bolters are fired mostly at my wall of piranhas, 3 are glanced to death and the remaining 2 have 1 hull point each.

A different group of land speeders fire upon my pathfinders causing 4 casualties

Finally the dark angel bikes fire on my kroot, killing 13 of them.

In their assault phase the assault squad charge my piranhas successfully causeing a single glance and killing one of my fish.
The command squadron declare a disordered charge against my kroot and fire warriors. I can't overwatch as they charge from under a darkshroud.
Sammael issues a challenge, I accept with my cadre Fireblade
Their hammer of wrath hits kill 1 kroot and 1 fire warrior
Their remaining attacks kill the last kroot and 3 fire warriors
Sammael reduces my Fireblade to 1 wound, my shas'el fails to cause any damage in return
The fire warriors pass the leadership and hold


Tau turn 1

No movement

Markerlights light up the darkshroud on my left flank. the combines efforts of my hammerhead, devilfish and snap shooting stormsurge manage to wreck a land speeder and drop the darkshroud to 1 hull point.

In the assault phase Sammael's team finish off the fireblade and kill the remaining fire warriors

Dark angel turn 2

Dark angel flyers arrive from reserve. One makes a fly over my stormsurge


It drops a stasis bomb on my stormsurge, it wounds but I passes my armour save.
The librarian casts rage once more on his black knights and successfully uses mind worm on the storm surge.
The remaining 2 flyers cause 5 wounds of damage to the stormsurge
The black knights take its remaining wounds with plasma weapons

The group of landspeeders on the left kill 2 pathfinders
The assault squad shoot at my broadside but fail to wound it

The command squad fire on my devilfish causing it to explode. The Explosion kills a black knight and 5 fire warriors
6 more fire warriors die to dark angel shooting

Assault squad assault my broadside (still no overwatch)
Bikes kill the broadside

Tau turn 2

Farsight and his homies arrive.


All land speeders on the board have interceptor
3 crisis suits die on entry and Farsight is reduced to 1 wound

In subsequent shooting my Hammerhead succeeds in downing a landspeeder causing it to explode. The explosion kills a Biker

With no remaining units I can use to secure kills I forfeit the game.

- Casualty List -

Dark Angels
2 Land Speeders
1 Black Knight
1 Ravenwing Biker

1 Cadre Fireblade
3 Crisis Suits
25 Fire Warriors
15 Kroot
1 Devilfish
6 Pathfinders
5 Piranhas
1 Broadside
1 Stormsurge

Victory Points for scoring kills in the assault phase
Tau 0
Dark Angels 3

In retrospect I feel there wasn't much I could have done to swing this battle in my favour. I lost the first turn which was crippling and the darkshroud prevented me from firing overwatch taking away one of my primary methods of gaining victory points.

Things I may have done differently? I would have had Farsight begin the game on the board. The talisman held by the shas'vre was of no use in reserve and could have prevented their librarian from debilitating my stormsurge.

I also didn't stick to my battle plan. I got bogged down in trying to kill the darkshrouds and forgot my original intention was to kill bikes with shooting.

My fire warriors who stayed in their devilfish were wiped out to 1 man before firing a shot. A gunline doesn't work as well if the guns are inside an apc.

Potentially the gunline tactic may have been a bad one, I fielded a lot of skimmers and didn't move them at all which was kind of a waste of potential. whether moving into flanking positions would have yielded better results I can't be sure right now.

I invite any thoughts and constructive criticism.

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Re: Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

Post#2 » Oct 20 2015 12:38

Made the startling discovery today that our seeker missiles ignore cover. Seeing as one of my main issues with tackling that list was 2+ rerollable jink saves. Possibly simply taking more markerlights is the answer to this. But what would i drop and where would i take said markers?

Do i swap my stormsurge for battlesuits with marker drones? Do I give marker drones and/or a markerlight to my firewarrior shas uis? Do i take a marker drone squad and attach them to a buffmander? I think these are essentially my options since I don't have the cash to buy more pathfinders.

I like my stormsurge model but it feels like the sensible choice to swap out.

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Re: Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

Post#3 » Oct 20 2015 02:14

My question is why only have a handful of Crisis suits if you are playing an Enclaves List?

And if you were going to do a "static Gunline" style I would have picked a Firebase Cadre.
6 Broadsides and a Riptide sitting in the back?!?!?! :biggrin: :eek: :biggrin:

And then of course Marker Drones or a Skyray or two for your marker light platforms. Plus the Skyrays double as AA.

I love the fluff on Longstrike but still can't really justify him too much unless there is a plethora of tanks or IG.

Just my two cents. Hopefully it helps kind of.

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Re: Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

Post#4 » Oct 20 2015 02:55

Well the list isn't written as a static gunline, as that rarely works for me. My FSE list is supposed to be a more mobile, objective claiming affair. Since there were no objectives for this mission I decided the gunline tactic might work out better for me.

I don't field large numbers of crisis suits in normal lists generally because they just get gunned down by normal space marines. JSJ isn't much help when i play on very few boards that actually offer decent LOS blocking terrain. I did take a rapid insertion force in an apocalypse game i played against his deathwing and to great affect as well. That games was a pretty one sided in my favour thanks to supporting fire and a large volume of plasma rifles.

I suppose my question would be, what would I take crisis suits instead of, and what would they do to change the outcome of this battle?

sadly i don't own a riptide otherwise I would very seriously consider our only current formation.

I take Longstrike because I find it very useful to have a BS5 hammerhead that can overwatch (and supporting fire).

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Re: Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

Post#5 » Oct 27 2015 07:02

I think I'm missing something. He did he get a turn 1 assault?

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Re: Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

Post#6 » Oct 27 2015 10:43

He did, he fielded a fast army and as you can see from the pictures we didn't deploy very far from each other.

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Re: Farsight Enclaves vs Dark Angels "Way of the short Blade"

Post#7 » Oct 31 2015 01:38

Hello KuroRyu

I love Piranhas as I use them as speed pumps so they give the rest of my army time to wipe out the enemy. I would not put fusion blasters on them as I expect them to die in the first 2 turns. I think they are the best unit in our army for the point cost if used right.

Do you have Tetra's? As these I think are a must for a Enclave list. Means all my XV8's but my commander and missile sides go in reserve. Tetra's allow my units to not scatter if they land within 6 inchs and twin-linked marker lights. And Skyrays are good for SM list and gives you more ML's and skyfire.

The list you played was a hard list but not impossible to beat. Use the Piranhas (leave burst cannons on, gives you 50 points you can use else where) to fan out to protect the rest of your army from attack. You should be other to fan out 20 inches. Soon as you can, detach the drones and they become your second speed pump. I be leave the secret to Tau are marker-lights so you can never have too many. Path finders are too weak so if you had a commander with the talisman of moloc on with drone controller and 2 marker drones. link him with missile sides with 6 marker drones and you will have 8 BS5 marker lights. I have between 18 to 24 marker lights in my army and everyone hates facing my Tau. Means I can kill 2 units a turn.

I use drones, skyray's, Tetra's and Drone sentry turrets (also gives a unit within 2 inchs re role's of 1) for my marker-lights.

I faced the same army in a tournament last week and by turn 3 he had 2 bikes left and he gave up. He killed one Riptide and my commander but no full units died other than those 2. He had first turn and did not get invinsablerty off. Even if he did get it off I still think I would of beaten him with ease.

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