Tournament batrep 1850pts

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Tournament batrep 1850pts

Post#1 » Nov 15 2015 12:06

I was in a tournament a week ago and thought I should make a batrep here (my first batrep).
My list:
Army Primary Detachment Type and Codex: Combined arms detachment (Codex: Tau Empire)
HQ1: Commander, CCN, DC, MSSS, OG, PEN, Shield, Stims, VRT, Iridium, 2x Marker Drone [242]
Elite1: Riptide, Ion Accelerator, Fusion Blaster, Early Warning Override, Velocity Tracker [210]
Elite2: Riptide, Ion Accelerator, Fusion Blaster, Early Warning Override, Velocity Tracker [210]
Elite3: 3x Crisis Suit, 6x Missile Pod, 3x Target Lock, 4x Marker Drone [219]
Troop1: 10x Kroot [60]
Troop2: 10x Kroot [60]
FA1: 7x Pathfinder [77]
FA2: 4x Piranha, 4x Fusion Blaster [200]
HS1: Hammerhead, Submunitions, Smart Missile System, Disruption Pod [145]
HS2: Hammerhead, Submunitions, Smart Missile System, Disruption Pod [145]
HS3: 3x Broadside, 3x Target Lock, 6x Missile Drone [282]
My first opponent was eldar with WK, uldrad, autarch w/ wings, scatterbikes, guardians w/ D-cannons, 3X crimson and 15 warp spiders.
Opponent won sides roll and I got to decide which one goes first. Made a mistake and went first.
Deployment. Eldar were all behind or in ruin. I had some a hill and some impassable for cover. Good LoS anyway.
1a. Opponent was too far markerlights and anything with same or less range, except Missile drones. Riptides get invul for first turn. I start by shooting blast with riptides, they kill 2 D-cannons and take a wound off from WK. HH's continue with their blasts and kill the Last D-cannon and most of the guardians and take 2 wounds off from WK. Riptides and Missile drones kill 2 bikes. Piranhas detach drones and advance forward in cover.
1b. Eldar psychic phase gives shrouding on Uldrad and friends. WK destroys one piranha and nothing else happens except he scores some maelstrom missions and advances with everyone else except Uldrad and guardians.
2a. Riptide 1 fails Nova and 2 gets invul. Everyone advances and gets to shooting range. Markerlights on bikes in forest from pathfinders pathfinders and missiles from deathrain secure FB. 1 Kroot from reserve kill 2 bikes and WK looses another wound. HH's fail to wound shrouded uldrad and friends.
2b. Crimsons come in and scatter bikes secure some objektives. Riptides try to shoot crimsons with IA but manages to take just 1 hp of the exarc. Shrouding again in psychic phase but perils cost a wound with roll off 3. WK fails to destroy another piranha. Crimsons fail to wound Riptide 1. Bikes destroy unit of Kroot.
3a.Riptide 2 fails nova and 1 gets invul. Piranhas get in range to shoot WK. Drones get in range for 1 crimson and bikes in mid field. Pathfinders Light midfield bikes and dearhrains leave one bike alive. Riptides destroy the crimson exarc and drones glance to death the another with snap shooting :P. HH's fail to do anything.
3b. 2 Warp spiders come in and kill Riptide 1. Last crimson flies away. Bikes take objektives. Autarch comes from reserves and joins uldrad and friends with shrouding. Something kills pathfinders.
4a. Riptide gets invul. HH1 contests objektive from spiders. Kroot come in and 2 bikes. Everything shoots at spiders and kill a unit and almost the other two leaving 1 in the other and two in the other.
4b. Crimson comes back and kills remaining Riptide. Spiders contests the objektive from HH1. Bikes take objektives. WK destroys a piranha. Kroot are killd by the rest of the army. 1 bike jumps to take objektive from broadsides and scoring LB.
Game Ends 16-4. Secondaries even, purge even, maelstrom (a lot-couple) and crusade to eldar.

Opponent had Space Wolves, dark angles with skitarii allies. Wolf Lord, runepriest, 2x scouts, tacticals w/ grav cannon and drop pod, cyberwolves, ruststalkers, DA bikes, skitarii rangers in 2 drop pods.
He chose sides and I chose to deploy first and go second. Not much terrain but lot of LoS Block. i deployed Broadsides and pathfinders in the middle pinders in crater. Commander and deathrain behind impassable with riptides and piranhas. HH's on left corner with sight on midfield. 1 Kroot infiltrated right near opponent table edge behind impassable. Opponent deployed scouts behind LoS block on an objective, wolflord, runepriest and ruststalkers in the middle rest skitarii deep Strike and scouts and DA outflanked.
1a. Lords deathstar came straight at broadsides in the middle and skitarii1 deep striked right between Kroot and piranhas. Skitarii2 drop pod came next to HHs. Both Pod scattered too far to get objective. Skitarii1 shot at Kroot with BS 5, but didn't hit XD. Skitarii2 shot at HH1 and it jinked and failed 2 saves.
1b. Detaching drones from piranhas. Kroot and drones destroy skitarii1 and secure FB. HH1 shoots back at skitarii2. Everything else shoots at deathstar leaving Lord at 1 wound and, killing all cyberwolves and taking 1 wound off runepriest.
2a. Tacticals with grav comes in and shoot at broadsides killing 1-2 drones. DA bikes come on from the right next to deathrains and riptides. Riptides intercept kills 1 bike and 3 drones. Bikes kill 2 drones and 1 suit. Other scout team with melta comes from outflank next to HH's and both jink and save. They fight each other the rest of the game. Deathstar tries to assault but fails and wolflord dies in overwatch securing me Warlord kill.
2b. I kill tacticals and scouts and get away from DA bikes.
3a. He kills drones and other Riptide.
3b. I kill most of he's remaining army and move closer to he's depo.
4a. He tries to hide he's scouts behind LoS block.
4b. Finally HH's clean their corner. I try to get wipe out and move out from objectives. I fail miserably by failing to destroy both drop pods and scouts even after almost whole army shot at them!
I lose couse time ended and he had maelstrom thanks to my bad cards. He had crusade for my last turn brainfart/bad luck. 12-8 final score.

I try to make the rest of the batreps when I have the time. Hopefully ASAP.
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