Apocalypse kroot - narrative.

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Apocalypse kroot - narrative.

Post#1 » Nov 23 2015 05:34

The hounds growled and chirped their warnings. The techno-shaman lowered his head-quills as he adjusted the comms device until a familiar gravelly voice could be made out “What is it K’rak?”

“Honoured one, the Tau do not answer our signals and are trying to jam our communications. They activate their tidewall and I think they wish to fight.” The half-metal kroot shaman replied.

“Ah.” There was a pause so long it seemed the signal had been lost again “Aun’Do has decided to show you the error of my ways. Do not fire the first shot but if he chooses bloodshed then you must fire the last. He will understand the horror at the end.” The distant voice murmured “Activate your homing beacon, I will send help”

“Yes, honoured one” replied the kroot as he switched the device over. He turned to his kindred and set out his plan.

The foremost hunters had almost started circling around the huddled Tau defenses when the pulse fire started scything through their lithe bodies, they took what cover they could but the pulse carbines and burst cannon took a heavy toll and the gunrig punched a hole in their line with its flechettes. The Tau confidently moved forward against their outnumbered opponents but too soon, the last four hunters focussed their rage into their rifles and their shooting cut down two of the stealth team that had closed in for the kill. One group of meatfinders lit up the enemy pathfinders with markerlights and the other fired their own gunrig, when the mist of blood drifted away nothing alive could be seen of the Tau that had manned their railgun platform.

Still the Tau came forwards with a Riptide at the tip of the spear, it poured fire into the cobbled together Broadside shattering one of its drones but the heavy pulse rounds could not penetrate its thick armour. The remaining stealth suit killed the last few hunters as it withdrew. Then the techno-shaman pounced, leading his masses of kroot and krootox he came out behind the shield line and the kindred laid waste to the Fire Warriors with pulse fire. Aun’Do had a look of shock on his face as the heavy kroot gun shells tore him apart. A kroot suit dropped from the sky with a shriek of jets perfectly positioned to torch the second stealth team but the flames glanced off their armour and only one succumbed to the heat, their Shas’Vre fired back and cut the newly arrived suit in half with his fusion blaster. From the seemingly abandoned gunrig another deafening crack of sound as sub-munitions cut through the triumphant kroot; so shocked by this unexpected attack that they failed to get their leader to the ground before the needles of metal tore him apart. Hovering above the fortification was the pulse accelerator drone interfaced to the gun controls – somehow it had gone unseen and survived the carnage that killed the pathfinders. The riptide began shooting into the kroot while they engaged in a running gunfight with the surviving stealth suits; in reply the heavy support line of skyray, ghostkroot and gunrig began hammering chunks out of the isolated monstrous battlesuit.

Another kroot suit dropped from the sky, its flamers alight even before it landed cremating the dead pathfinders and burning out the circuits of the pulse accelerator drone. It activated its jets again and jumped into the now empty gunrig, grabbing the controls and turning it towards the Riptide. With reactor fuel leaking down its side and chunks of armour hanging off it the pilot of the giant suit did the only thing he could, he gave the order to retreat and blasted away out of the deadly crossfire with a wild uncontrolled blast from the jump-jets.

The tattered surviving kroot looked around. Only three Tau had escaped to take the lesson back to their cosy septs. Aun’Kurtz was right, only those who welcome the horrors of war truly belong there. They loaded the reactor cells they had been seeking onto the Skyray and the bodies of their fallen brothers onto the Oxen for the heroes feast they would hold that night. Then they slipped back into the forests and were gone, leaving only shell craters and corpses to show they had ever been there.

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Re: Apocalypse kroot - narrative.

Post#2 » Dec 04 2015 02:41

The wind blew through the ruins like steel. Shas’O Willard look a last sniff and mentally hit the hatch actuator, the suit sealed itself up ready for trouble. Fio’Vre Gless had said the drone net software upgrades would transform their performance, Willard certainly hoped so as he was short of other forces and the Eldar raiding party had already torn through the outpost with devastating effect.

They moved cautiously into the centre of the devastated town clinging to cover and staying out of sight as best they could. The kroot hunter teams had loped off elsewhere as usual, looking to ambush their foe and pay them back for their treacherous attack.

Almost before he could react the aliens were upon him, comms chatter from the drones identified three units of jet bikes zooming into range and a heavy tank of some sort hanging back with some infantry. Strange powers swirled through the air and the huge form of the Krootide swayed under the impact of some unknowable horror. Then the air exploded into noise and flechettes and shuriken cannon blasted it from all sides, even the mighty frame of the Krootide could not withstand this and it collapsed to the ground.
He gave the order to return fire, and directed his marker drones onto the distinctive elder that had wielded the arcane powers. On his left a gun drone squad moved up and peppered them with shot, the broadside jumped out of its ambush position and missiles rained in. The enemy warp-wielder fell back in disarray, half his squad fallen. There was a loud crashing to his right, the Shas’O looked around to see his spare marker drone squad had got overexcited and crashed into each other as they jumped back – only one was still afloat looking rather embarrassed at the failure of its companions. Maybe that software needed a little more debugging.

Taking advantage of his distraction two of the jet bike squads focussed their fire on the broadside but their fire was less accurate and its AI was made of stern stuff, there was a worrying pool of hydraulic fluids puddling around it but it was still standing. A huge flash of flame came in from the tank hitting the Piranha but its front armour held while the ruins took the rest of the damage rather than the drones. One team of kroot crept out into sight, the krootox riders lined up their big guns onto the rear armour of the tank and even with all its jinking it could not avoid the inevitable fate. It crashed to the ground. The rest of the kroot and that last drone squad were nowhere to be seen. The main gunline and piranha opened up on the infantry, whittling them down and provoking the central jet bike unit to focus their fire on the light skimmer wrecking it.

The Eldar saw the threat and turned back to secure their rear, firepower poured into the kroot but it hit only ruins. The infantry, weakened, tried to charge them but could not make it through the tricky terrain. Another unit of kroot finally came out to support them, markerlights picked out the infantry which vanished in a hail of rapid fire while the newly arrived kroot blasted into jetbikes leaving two riders dead but the warp wielder only slightly wounded. The central unit of jetbikes pulled back to reinforce their crumbling rear lines, their firepower killed many of the latest kroot arrivals who took to their heels and ran.

On the opposite flank the last unit of kroot arrived and let fly into the weakened jetbike team at point blank range. Every single hit bounced off their armour harmlessly. The retaliation was swift and incredibly precise as the hunting pack was wiped out. As the enemy warlord surveyed the carnage he sensed something nasty; he had charged back out into the open and markerlights were dotted across his back. From the corner of his eye he could see the broadside and knew that it could see him. The last unit of drones had finally found their way to the fight and were almost on top of him. There was a massive hail of missiles and pulse fire and he was no more.
The other Farseer with his two companions desperately tried to zoom away from the mass of kroot facing them but could not quite make it over the walls of the ruins. One single markerlight from the still embarrassed drone picked him out and then pulse rounds and heavy kroot gun shells ripped through him and his companions, the three jetbikes crashed to the ground pilotless.

Shas’O Willard let the last unit flee with only a few parting shots from his plasma rifles to kill a couple of stragglers. He looked around and took stock. If he was honest the Fio’Vre had been mostly right, the drones had done well other than the freak accident and had sucked the Eldar into his trap like perfect bait. The surviving kroot were looking very happy indeed, he did not want to dwell on why but with so many enemy dead it was better for him to leave them to it and focus on his job. He opened up a comm-link and called in the hover platforms to salvage the damaged drones and wrecked Riptide chassis.

(Just a note. I have never rolled so many 1's as I did in the first turn. Losing 3 out of 4 drones to dangerous terrain checks was pretty much typical of what my dice were doing to me. All you can do is laugh. My reserve rolls were almost as bad. Fortunately my dice got better on turns 3 and 4 and my opponent finally started failing 3+ saves, turning the game.)

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