Caledonian Uprising - pints after!

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Re: Caledonian Uprising - pints after!

Post#21 » Jan 15 2016 06:59

NoobPwner84 wrote:So apparently the draw is tonight. What would be you guys nightmare match ups? And what are you not that worried about?

Personally I'm not that bothered about Eldar, as I've played a lot of good eldar players recently and been doing reasonably well. Not that I think I'd win every match against good players mind you.

And really worried about any army that includes this build:

Chapter Master, shield eternal, bike, art. armour, power fist
Chapter Master, storm shield, bike, art. armour, power fist
command squad with gravs
Librarius conclave on bikes

That is my sum of all fears!

Sorry i missed your post about the draw... But i agree, the above is pretty much the worst match-up! In fact, Space Marine bike and/or wolf cavalry armies are my nemesis.

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Re: Caledonian Uprising - pints after!

Post#22 » Jan 16 2016 04:18

So after 3 games and playing against Eldar twice and an ETC player I have 50 pts out of 60, with 3 wins of 20-0, 11-9 and 19-1.

But worried about what I'll face tomorrow :/

Commander Skyfall if you read this we will be in the bar at Premier inn near the venue about 10ish. If not I'll be upstairs eating with the team Scotland guys, come and join us
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