Mini report Tournament 19-12

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Mini report Tournament 19-12

Post#1 » Dec 21 2015 05:58

Last saturday, I won a 16 ppl tournament with farsight cad (commander with marker drones, 3x1 crisis full fusion, 1 missile crisis, 4 marker drones, skyray, missilesides)+ riptide wing formation allied (1500 points).

Many eldar and daemons showed up, but I played against:

1. Blood angels with double raider and full of jump marines, big guns. Huge victory, although the result unworthy the match. I lost everything but commander and crisis. He lost all of hid troops. Riptide wing didnt use the double fire.

2. Khorne daemonkin with csm full of hounds and maulerfiend and 2 lords on juggys, lost contact. He started and in his turn 1 he ended at 1" only from my troops! However, I used the double fire riptide wing and kill, with all my army: the hounds (14), one lord and 2 maulerfiends. Huge victory for me.

3. Csm with belakor, typhus, 2x13 zombis, 2x dragons, 2x3 obliterators, annihilation. I managed to start and my opp had nothing to do (lost belakor on turn 1). However, I had to fight against maths, because the ranked second player achieves lots of points and he was +4 over me. I could end with a +5 and won the tournament.

New crisis box came to my home with me!

Riptide wing is really amazing. The turn I sit down, with skyray and missilesides, I do... 64 twin linked S5 ap5 no cover no los. This help us against invisibility so well.

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