Ghost/tide wing for University Nationals 2016

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Re: Ghost/tide wing for University Nationals 2016

Post#21 » Apr 14 2016 07:10

ya its horses for courses for me. A burstide/sms fire team is certainly optimal when running riptide wing lists. However, I like an iontide with fusion blaster for tougher units such as wraithknights, knights or the occasional land raider etc.

I suppose there was those reasons that the ion/fusion build was the go-to set up before the buffs such as super hailfire first turn and fire team pushed ahead burstides into prominence.

You taking this list to summer Cally? What you thinking of adding? A minimal CAD may do you well, perhaps better than another riptide as regarding maelstrom mobility (though thats not something your list lacks).

And, probably shouldn't say this on here as it will be like a dirty word. But personally, I'd think about saving some points and allying in a warp spider shrine if you can get hold of the models. They complement your army so well, and lets face it they are arguably the best unit in the game just now :D
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