10,000 Point Battle Vs the Mighty Imperium

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10,000 Point Battle Vs the Mighty Imperium

Post#1 » Jun 27 2016 12:13

Hello ATT,
Today I have great news of a Gigantic Defeat over the Imperium of Man. In a 10,000 point game, my enclaves enforced by two Tau Loyalists were able to defeat the combined forces of Man. There were 5 Imperium Players; Imperial Knights, Imperial Guard, Salamanders, Black Templar and Ultramarines.
Notable units for both sides included, 2 Baneblades, 2 Imperial Knights, 6 Drop Pods full of Goodies and countless Marines vs 7 Riptides and 3 Stormsurges. We also had an Ethereal Council with Aun Va and a Dawn Blade Contingent (I piloted the Dawn Blade Contigent). I can post my full list if you guys want but I don’t have all the details for my opponents nor full lists for my allies. I brought 3500 points including Farsight and my personalized commander Kunas Ka. :fear:

Here are some photos of the battle, as short as it was. The red/white Enclaves are my army, while the Middle Player was playing the traditional Orange Tau and the opposite end of the table had a shiny blue scheme.


This is a look at my forces from behind the wall of bikes charging at me. The Kroot are the opnly force there that I was not fielding.

My blue tau Loyalists who seemed an eternity of a table away.


Finally we had Aun Va and his Contigent of Classic Tau. He was also fielding Shadowsun for some extra flavour.

“Having secured Mu’Gulath Bay against the might of the Imperium of Man the forces of the Tau Empire stand ready to continue their expansion. The Tau had devised a cunning plan to deal with the Imperial Defences of this world. Rather than engaging in a land war that could be bog their forces down indefinitely, the Tau launch a force of stealth suits and Kroot to take over the Akkraxin Orbital defence platform and use the Imperium’s defences against them.
While initially successful, with the Tau invasion force landing, the Imperium was able to regain control of their defences, trapping the Tau forces on the surface until they can retain control of the platforms. Whoever controls these defenses will surely control the planet.” This was the pre-set blurb we set for ourselves. There would be 4 Objectives which would count as control rooms and 1 that would be the cannons.
Kunas Ka stared down at the battle from his Manta. The battle was going better than even the best case scenario. His riptides and Stormsurge had successfully completed their Mont Ka strike against the Command Units of the Imperium. He could see that his allies had done the same. His Stealth Cadre had lured many of the Imperium’s Reinforcements into a Kauyon trap as well. After this last Mont’Ka strike to the rear of the Imperium led by none other than O’Shovah, the battle would be as good as over.

The Imperium got 1st Turn which we thought was going to be a devastating blow as we needed to hit the Baneblades hard first with our Surges. I ended up bringing the
Mirrorcodex for fluff reasons, when else are you gonna take it? When I rolled to Seize I got a 5 which was huge. Tau get first turn.

Turn 1 Tau
I move my stealth suits up to the frontline and move my tidewall forward. I used my Riptides and Stormsurge to pop a transport and kill the enemy Warlord before he could Finest Hours. My OSC then proceeded to destroy an entire unit of Bikers and Speeders without giving the opportunity to Jink. I grabbed 2 of the control rooms.
My allies were able to grab 1 other control room and Shadowsuns Unit grabbed the cannon. Their War Master also got very unlucky failing a leadership test with a 12 and rolling maximum distance which had him off the board. We score 6 points point our objectives and the War Master kill.
Turn 1 Imperium
Our Grand Master Aun Va activates our Strategic Assest, “FOR THE GREATER GOOD.” This forced the Imperium to shoot at the closest units to them which unfortunately was four different units of Stealth suits followed by a giant unit of Kroot. While we did lose all of our Stealth Suits, they barely managed to kill any kroot and scored no points. We also had some very lucky interceptor shots with our 2 Marker Drone nets which allowed us to unload accurate Interceptor fire into all of the Drop Pods. They scored 1 point for a building on their back line.
This is what I was staring down at the start of Turn 1 Imerium.

Turn 2 Tau
This is the part of the game where I had to stop paying full attention to my allies as I only got 10 minutes to shoot and had 40+ bikes coming at me. My Riptides ripple fired their SMS systems and activated their riptide wing ability to lay down serious Daka on the bikes. To aid my distant Blue Tau friends I fired 2 maximum range Destroyer Shots, one of which I rolled a 6, killing a Bane Blade in one shot. My Farsight Squad landed in the back line of the Templars. I shot his Marines out of their backfield objective and stole it with my JSJ move.
At this point the Imperium was in dire straights. They wold likely have to spend their only point to bring back a unit.
Turn 2 Imperium
The Imperium in a last effort was finally in range to make 8 different charges, with their last remaining units. Every single charge failed after the absolutely devastating Supporting Fire. They then proceeded to Forfeit.

Here are my casualties. (I got off pretty easy with only 1 Crisis lost, 2 Marker Drones, 2 full squads of Stealth and my Piranha. I also lost 3 breachers after initial strike and I lost 5 Strikers after I refued to GTG on the shieldline. There was a plasma bounce back which stopped a charge at least.

Thoughts on the Match:
We ended up winning so hard because of our Seize Roll. In addition we planned our armies to work with one another. An example of this is how I used my allies Kroot to shield my whole firing line or how the used my Farsight Squad to clear their backline so they did not deep strike anything else. The Imperium on the other hand did not plan ahead as thoroughly, which was very evident in the lack of Pyskers. We will probably do this again at some point with a couple more weeks allotted for planning.
Anywho, thanks for reading. :D

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Re: 10,000 Point Battle Vs the Mighty Imperium

Post#2 » Jun 28 2016 06:28

... So tasty! Got more pictures? :P

Looks like it was an epic match! Both sides having a _lot_ of firepower and I liked
the flavour both brought. Seeing those painted armies is awesome :D

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