The Battle for Landing Zone Charlie

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The Battle for Landing Zone Charlie

Post#1 » Nov 16 2016 06:07

Fellow members of ATT:

My apologies for the wall of text- and if this isn't in the right spot, please relocate it appropriately, mods. :)

A couple weeks from now I shall be hosting a 40k game with some interesting twists, designed both as a means of allowing some newer players to experience a large 40k game, while allowing me to experience the joy of using (almost) all of my Tau. It is my intention to write up a battle report, as well as a story to accompany the report, and hopefully have the first part of the story up before the game (set for Dec. 3 of this year).

Without further ado, my questions: Do you think the following scenario is relatively balanced and fair for all parties involved? What changes would you suggest to any element in order to have greater balance or enjoyment by all parties? And, of course, if there are any other thoughts, please feel free to share them.


About 7.5k points worth of Tau vs. 2.5k Necrons and 2k Dark Angels. For balance there is the following rule:

Due to the rather overwhelming points disparity in favor of the Tau, the Necrons and Dark Angels will have unlimited reinforcements, meaning that whenever a unit is destroyed or flees the table, another may come on made up of the same models with same equipment, as per Ongoing Reinforcements and normal deployment rules for this scenario (since none of the named characters that the Dark Angels or Necrons have access to in this circumstance are super formidable, they continue to reappear).

I'm thinking about 7 turns, but is that too long, or too short? I feel that it is going to take at least that long for the combined Necrons/Dark Angels to make any serious progress vs the substantial amount of firepower that the Tau can put out.

The Necrons and Dark Angels may shoot into combat that does not involve any of their own models. If using normal shooting, resolve to hit as normal, then roll a further D6 for each hit- 1-3 hits the allied faction, 4-6 hits the intended target. For blast and flame templates, the hits are resolved as normal for each unit separately.

The Dark Angels and Necrons will have their turns at the same time, so as to simplify turn order and speed up game turns.

The table is rather odd, about 3' wide, 10' long. My thought was to have the Tau start off in the middle of the table, about 2' on either side from the center line. The Dark Angels deploy to one side of the Tau, at least 12" away from the Tau deployment zone. The Necrons do the same, but on the other side of the table. Units that may deepstrike from either the Necrons or Dark Angels may do so if they wish. All Tau models start on the board and may not leave their deployment zone voluntarily.

There will be buildings/ruins around the edge of the Tau deployment area, then a large flat space in the center of the table to represent a landing zone. If I am able to raise the Tau deployment area a little bit, I may, to visually distinguish it from the rest of the map.

There will be five objective markers throughout the Tau deployment area, representing vital areas to be held for control of the Drop Zone.

The objectives do not grant any bonuses and are controlled by the player with the most models within 3" of them. The Dark Angels and Necrons may choose to deploy their models coming from Ongoing Reserves within 3" of the objective, so long as the entire unit can fit within the 3". This is to represent the respective armies slowly overrunning the landing pad and attempting to push the Tau off of it.

Tau Major Victory- Survive and control all 5 of the objective markers.
Tau Minor Victory- Survive and control 3 or more of the objective markers.
Tau Loss- Control 0 objective markers, or be destroyed (either way losing control of the landing zone, making it impossible for reinforcements to land in that area).

Necrons Major Victory- Destroy the Tau or reduce them to controlling less than 3 objectives and control the majority (3 or more) of the objectives- note that the Necrons and Dark Angels cannot control the same objectives, whichever has the greater number of models within 3" is the only one that controls the objective, and the only one that can deploy reinforcements around it.
Necron Minor Victory- Destroy the Tau or reduce them to controlling less than 3 objectives, while controlling less than 3 objectives.
Necron Loss- Tau survive and control the majority (3 or more) of the objectives.

Dark Angels victory conditions are the same as the Necron victory conditions.

Please give me your thoughts and critiques, I would like to make the game as enjoyable as possible for the other players, but still plenty challenging for all!

Thank you!
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Re: The Battle for Landing Zone Charlie

Post#2 » Nov 19 2016 06:15


I can't believe no one has responded to you yet? Well let me try to give some pointers.

First off is this a Apocalypse game? The point levels would indicate that, and I would certainly use that rule set for a game of this size. Even if you don't use the Apocalypse rules here are few ideas.

1. Deployment zones. Rather than the Necrons/Space Marines being twelve inches from the tau, they should start within twelve inches of their table edge. As your giving them Limitless Reinforcements, there's no need to allow them to start that close to the tau.

2. Balance. Since the Necrons/Space Marines have Limitless Reinforcements this pretty much covers the "balance" question.

3. Objectives. Here is where you can get creative and chuck out the air lock all those multiple objectives. I would suggest going for a real life military objective: Drop Zone Charile. The objective for all three side is the drop zone, as it would be in a real engagement.

4. Victory Conditions.
........a. TAU: Major Victory i). no enemy units within the drop zone, ii). no enemy unit within six inches, or any enemy vehicle within twelve inches of the drop zone. Minor Victory - One enemy unit/vehicle unit contesting drop zone.(total)
........b. SPESS MEHREEN (sorry Adeptus Astartes) Major Victory - Tau eliminated, and one scoring unit withing six inches of drop zone or vehicle within twelve inches of drop zone.
........c. TIN BOYZ - (sorry I meant Necrons). Same as Space Marines
........d. Variable Conditions. Don't give the opposing players the same victory conditions. Example: Necron player needs only to have one unit contesting the drop zone for a Major Victory. Must still be on the board for a Minor victory. Space Marine player gets a Minor victory for having one unit contesting the drop zone, but needs to eliminate Tau and NOT have a Necron unit contesting the drop zone.

Note victory conditions for Necrons/Space Marine players should include something about each other, not just the Tau. Also have several variations for victory conditions for them, and then have them draw from a hat to find out which one they get. The victory conditions then aren't revealed until the end of the game. Since nobody knows what the other player's victory conditions are, then they can't anticipate their opponents moves.

5. Game length is fine, unless you have time constraints, either way put a time limit on each players individual turn. Keeps the game going. If you haven't moved and shot all your units, tough. Also if you think it might help move the game another Tau player (split the forces) might help move things along.

Well that's it. Hope that makes your game more enjoyable.

The TauMan
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Re: The Battle for Landing Zone Charlie

Post#3 » Nov 21 2016 12:34

TauMan, I appreciate the feedback! While it is an Apocalypse-size game, I'm not familiar with the rule for Apocalypse and so was treating it as simply a large-point game. Also, since the other players are rather new, I figured it would be best to keep things relatively simplistic and not have too many scenario specific rules to bog them down in. ;)

The deployment and balance commentary are appreciated, I think I shall employ said starting locations. It will make things more interesting/difficult for them and certainly force them to make use of their deep striking units (which will be good for them). :D

As for the objective- I like it. I'm not sure why I hadn't considered it before, but that makes a lot of sense- thank you! The Drop Zone will indeed be the objective.

Victory Condidtions- That will definitely make it a challenge for me, but I'm quite fine with that- I enjoy a good challenge. :D I assume it would make sesne to restrict contesting the drop zone to ground units only (as there will be one Tin Boyz flier)?

In regards to the Victory conditions, should the Marine and Necron players be functioning as allies, or should they be able to engage each other? If their victory conditions revolve around them each wanting to take the Drop Zone entire, it makes sense for them to be able to fire upon/engage each other so as to deny the other the ability to contest the Drop Zone, yes? Or would there be a better method of having them work against each other, so to speak, while still keeping them nominally on the same team?

No huge time constratints, but I agree that setting up a time limit for each player's turn will be a good thing. The experience difference between the players is rather substantial, so I anticipate being able to complete my entire turn in about the same amount of time it will take each of them to complete a full turn. Still, it would be nice to have another Tau player on hand, but I'm lacking in knowledge of other 40k players in proximity to my current location.

Thank you (again) for the well-thought input, I really appreciate it! :)
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Re: The Battle for Landing Zone Charlie

Post#4 » Nov 30 2016 12:38

One thing I would recommend for the Limitless Reinforcements is to allow them to redeploy their "dead" unit even if it isn't completely destroyed yet. So if they have a tactical marine squad that gets shot down to one model, allow them to just say that dude bites it and redeploy the unit. This makes it so you can't just shoot units to effectively dead, but actually "Dead"

The biggest issue for balance is going to be deployment zones in combination with how fast their armies are. If everything can immediately threaten you the turn in comes in from reserve, your army is going to get crushed very quickly by sheer attrition. If everything takes two turns to reach your and be threatening, you're just going to meatgrinder their entire armies a couple of times while taking minimal casualties yourself.

If you're willing to watch most of your army get wasted you could start their deployment 18"-24" away from you and advance their "deployment" zone closer to yours 6" every turn, so by turn ~4 they can basically deploy in your deployment zone.

I say let them just treat each other as completely hostile. None of this silly ally stuff. I mean if they can shoot each other, your army is going to be effectively dead anyway as it should be completely blocking them from each other.
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Re: The Battle for Landing Zone Charlie

Post#5 » Nov 30 2016 01:22

Materpillar, TauMan, I appreciate the advice quite a lot. :)

Having looked at the scenario and taking advice into consideration, the following changes have been made-
1. The Necrons and Dark Angels are no longer allies, so there are three full factions.

2. Necrons and DA will have a randomized objective each in regards to the other, while their objective towards me will be the same for both. For me, they have to have a unit within 6" of the landing zone at the end of the game, or a vehicle within 12", excluding flyers. Their random objective will be either Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker (for the other faction player), or to have a unit in scoring range of the drop zone while keeping the other faction from doing the same. They will randomly draw at the beginning of the game and not reveal their objective until the end of the game.

3. Their warlords- if I blast their warlords off the table, said warlord respawns as normal. If either of them kill the enemy warlord, he stays dead. This is to allow them to accomplish the "Slay the Warlord" objective without it being revealed if that is the objective they drew.

4. Balance- the Necrons have about 2.5k, while the DA have just under 2k. The DA get two 5" blast templates, S8 AP3, full scatter, to represent an orbital bombardment, which they can use during every one of their shooting phases.

5. I really like the idea of redeploying the "mostly dead" units (the thought had occurred to me that it could be an issue) so I shall include the option that if their units are reduced to 25% or less of the starting models then they have the option of removing the rest of the unit and bringing the unit back in via normal redeployment methods.

6. Deployment- Tau start in the Landing Zone and may leave it if they want, no longer restricting them to staying in the landing zone. DA and Necrons start 18" from the far table edges (both have a fair number of deep strike capable units, vehicles, or some faster units). Redeploying units may respawn on the 18" line, or via their other deployment means.

7. I also dropped my point limit down to about 5k for myself, but did decide to use my Ta'unar- however, I'll only be using the barrage version of the Pulse Ordinance Multi-Driver, so no 7" D template.

So that's my current plan, any further refinements? I appreciate the thoughts! :)
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