Campaign 700 Pts Game one - Death Guard

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Campaign 700 Pts Game one - Death Guard

Post#1 » Mar 20 2017 05:26

Hey everyone sorry for the roughness of this I'm new at posting reports. I do plan on doing one of my next games using Battle Chronicle once I get used to it.
So the campaign rules are:
700pts for this round (2)
No lords of war, fliers or fortifications.
No formations, detachments or allies other than CAD
No named Characters
You keep the models chosen for each round all through the campaign but you can add to them by upgrading etc.

Currently we are Seperated into groups of 4 with my group consisting of Death Guard, Death Watch and Iron Hands

Won all my round one games fairly easily.

Tau Empire:
1 unit of 9 Fire Warriors and a DS8 Tactical Support Turret led by my warlord a Cadre Fireblade
1 unit of 10 Fire Warriors
1 Squadron of 2 Piranhas (one with burst cannon one with fusion blaster and both with 2 Seeker missiles each)
1 Ghostkeel with Ion Raker and twin linked Fusion Blaster
1Riptide with Ion Accelerator and twin linked Plasma Rifle

Death Guard:
1 unit of 10 Cultists
1 Unit of Chaos Marines led by a sorcerer with a spell familiar and in a Rhino
1 unit of 5 Havoks with autocannons
1 Vindicator

The Game was Spoils of war
Warord Trait was the Skyfire one - Useless here
He won first set up and turn but I seized the initiative
This is rough set up after (only my turn was taken with minimal movement)

Turn one:
I didn't move much yet (wanting to see where he was going) so I focused fire and shot 4 havoks to bits. The Riptide failed its nova charge, taking a wound then tried to overcharge a blast template to take on both the rhino and the vindicator but it scattered taking a huill point off the Rhino only.

Chaos turned their cultists to zombies and his command squad rolled towards my Riptide, disembarked and sent a Psychic Shriek that after rolling a 15, killed my riptide giving him first blood.
After that it was pretty lackluster with the vindicator scattering and only taking one fire warrior and everything else either missing or saved.

After turn one it turned into a meat grinder with both of us claiming objectives and me slaughtering his army in retaliation and his other psychic phases amounting to giving my units shrouded, but it ended up in turn 7 with him having only just more points than me with his Sorcerer and Sergeant hiding where the Riptide deployed and hiding until the game ended.

So was my first Loss with Tau losing by 1 point.

Some Learns here:
I Was pretty conservative with the Ghost Keel as I was worried about the Vindicator but that meant it was out of range for most of the fight so It couldn't get stuck in

Ow Psychic Shriek is a painful attack with Tau and I'm just glad it didn't get near my LD7 Fire Warriors.

I deployed too spaced out so the Riptide was on its own. I should have deployed a bit more closer together so Even if it had been destroyed turn 1 the Command Squad wasn't over the other side of the board and able to hide from me.

Hoping to regain my mojo next week against the Death Watch.
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Re: Campaign 700 Pts Game one - Death Guard

Post#2 » Mar 20 2017 05:28

Had a friendly 2 on 2 with him against 2 Iron Hands armies after and the riptide absolutely dominated taking out a unit of bikes, a unit of terminators with a librarian with the Accelerator and Plasma Rifles and squashing a captain in close combat.
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