Battle of Guella Ridge: A 200p Killteam of Tau against the Tyranids

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Battle of Guella Ridge: A 200p Killteam of Tau against the Tyranids

Post#1 » May 22 2017 12:31

Alright!!! This is my first battle report I have posted, and I hope it will be a good one.

The Battle of Guella Ridge occured on a Imperial frontier world, a couple of thousand lightyears from Tau. My battleforce composing of two troop choices and a single elite choice, decended upon the world. After heavy engagements with Imperial Guard, a Tyranid force arrived in the system (This is all the setting up for the scenario that the...ajudicator of my group set up. I play as part of a regular group, so we play scenarios set up by our chief writer/ajudicator). The space battle was ultimately unsuccessful, and the Tyranids landed on the world, leaving my squad stranded as the surviving spacecraft retreted behind the 5th moon of the world. With supplies running low, and faced with almost certain defeat, my army rpevailed at the large townscape of Guella Ridge.

My army was as follows:
200p killteam
9 troops: 2 Troop Choice, 1 Elite Choice

Troop Choice: Fire Warrior Breacher Team Onyx (62p)
• 3x Pulse Blaster (27p)
• 1x Pulse Carbine (9p)
• 1x Guardian Drone (12p)
• Fire Warrior Shas’ui (10p)
Troop Choice: Fire Warrior Strike Team Lancer (74p)
• 3x Pulse Rifle (27p)
• 1x Pulse Carbine (9p)
• 1x Intelligencer Drone (18p)
• 1x DS8 Tactical Support Turret (10p)
• 1x Fire Warrior Shas’ui (10p)
Elite Choice: XV8 Crisis Battlesuit (64p)
• Plasma Rifle (15p)
• Missile Pod (15p)
• Neuroweb Systems Jammer (2p)
• Crisis Shas’vre (10p)
Special rules for MV-76 Intelligencer Drone:

When part of a Fire Warrior Strike Team, the MV-76 Intelligencer drone gains the following special rules:
• At the expense of 5” of range, the entire squad (excluding any unit with weapons other that Pulse Rifles, and also excluding other drones) gains the Ignore Cover special rule.
• The drone gains a 3+ Invulnerability save
The drones stats are identical to that of a standard gun drone. The drone is also able to fire a single pulse carbine.

You can find my build for the MV-76 Intelligencer drone here ->

The Tyranids composed of another 200p killteam, with 14 Hormagaunts, and four Tyranid Warriors. Most of the Hormagaunts were equipped with adrenalin sacks and 3 pairs of Bone Scythes, with the only ranged firepower coming from the Venom Cannons and Cluster Spines on the warriors.

The battle commenced with both sides at opposite ends of the town. The steets were quite narrow in most places, and could only fit a few troops at a time. My Crisis battlesuit moved in down the main street, where two Tyranid Warriors waited with their tank-killing weapons. Alongside the crisis were my four strike troops. The tyranid swarm soon gained access to the rooftops, where two of them perished due to failed Dangerous Terrain tests. The dangerous terrain in question was that the datasheet stated that the rooftops hid heat sinks for the town's power supply, and therefore were red hot. My strike team found a vantage point in a three-story building in the southwest sector of the town. They soon took the building, and secured it. My DS8 support turret was deployed outside the building, and the fire points in the building provided good coverage of the surrounding area. However, my breacher team was having trouble.

After the strike team took the village, BT Onyx found itself trying to bitterly defend a small cottage on the outskirts of town. My very cunning opponent had cut them off from their objective (the downed Tau Skimmer carrying a vital cargo of toxins to kill off the tyranids) and pinned them in another one of the excellent scratch-built terrain pieces that composed the 1 square meter 'map' the town represented. I had already lost the pulse-carbine Breacher to a hormaguant troop, and the guardian drone was not proving it's worth. However, luck would have it that the two tyranid warriors had been taken down by the crisis, who had lead them into a carefully executed trap (basically, all I did was retreat until the warriors were within range of my Strike them. Then, I just used the intelligencer to shoot them from where they tried (and failed) to secure cover).

However, my victory was short lived, becuase the entire breacher team was wiped out after the cottage was destoryed with them inside. the remaining troops moved in on the structure the Strike tema was in. The XV8 had been wounded by the warriors, and was probably the primary target.

After lying in wait for the remaining 2 warriors and the surviving 8 Hormagaunts to reach the strike team, the battle was commenced. the strike team was in a much better defended postion, with leftover barbed wire and several craters causing difficult terrain rules to apply for the most direct access point. This had been one of my preplanned fallback points when our head writer handed out maps of the town for our unofficial tournament. My opponnent attempd to assualt from the rooftops as he tried eariler, but again he lost three of his troops to the red-hot surfaces of the roof. The first casualty was the DS8, which managed to take out one of the warriors and another hormagaunt. However, the tyranids entered the building, resulting in two things. 1) the roof of the building being removed for battle inside. 2. A confrontation between a long ranged group and a short ranged group.

Surprisingly, my strike team only lost one man. The other three managed to retreat along with the intelligencer. the Crisis then fired at the building, sucesfully demolishing it, and killing the Tyranids inside. After that, it was relatively easy to mop up the remaining warrior and the surviving hormagaunts. The objective was left uncaptured, but the battle was won.

After fighting this epic confict, there are several things I have mused on. First is that I seem to be cused to never get the rolls I need. Next is that tyranids are suprisingly better at long range than I have seen in earlier confilcts. Finally, I need to improve my army, becuase the next battle is against the Skitarii!!!
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Re: Battle of Guella Ridge: A 200p Killteam of Tau against the Tyranids

Post#2 » May 22 2017 02:02

A really great battle report!
Really loved you bringing it to life (maybe I should start playing kill team!) Do you have any pictures of the scenery, you made it sound really good!

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Re: Battle of Guella Ridge: A 200p Killteam of Tau against the Tyranids

Post#3 » May 23 2017 06:24

I don't. It was gretly made scenry, but it was on loan from a guy who recently moved to another area of sydney. As far as I know, the scenery was given back. I did want to take a photo so I could share it on the forums, but my iPhone was out of battery....
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