Battle against Adeptus Mechanicus: 200p Unbound

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Battle against Adeptus Mechanicus: 200p Unbound

Post#1 » May 30 2017 01:05

The two armies met on a open ice shelf. On one side were the warriors of the greater good, their black armour standing out in the icy environment. On the other, the antiquated forces of the Skitarii, their brass equipment shining, standing in formation around a lumbering Onager Dunecrawler.

My force was pretty much the same I had been using for the last while. It had been simplified, and had been rushed through prepration. I was expecting Tyranids. I got Cult Mechanicus. No EMP grenades. No anti-armour weapons on the sole crisis suit. All I had was eight fire warriors, four drones and a Crisis suit. In reserves waited a team of Pathfinders, veterans from 5th edition warfare. They were ready to deploy when needed, but for now, they waited off the battlefield edge. The field was about 1.5m by 80cm. Pitiful space for manuevering, but still enough for a proper battle.

My troops deployed a DS8 TST. The large drone fired off a volley of smart missiles. The drone projectiles exploded against the dune crawler. I managed to take one wound off the leviathan, while the other missiles exploded harmlessly against the metal armour. I held my other turns, and my opponent began his turn.

The skitarii Dunecrawler fired it's massive cannon at my forces. The battlesuit of my army was the target. Despite the shot scattering, it instead hit four of my Fire Warriors (breachers) and detonated. However, a lucky invulnerability save gave me the chance to slog off the damage, and keep fighting. Next, the rangers fired their Radrifles, causing two of my troops to fall. My opponent's othe shots missed completely.

The next turn was a victory for me, as I managed to successfully deepstrike (scout rule) my Pathfinders into no man's land. They then markerlighted the Onager with four successful hits, which I then used to give a additional +4 ballistics skill to my Fire Warrior Strike Team. The next volley of pulse rifle fire all hit (as I has -1 ballistic skill from the additional 4 points) and two shots pierced the front armour, completely destroying the leviathan.

After that, the rangers began advancing, trying to get within range. Despite taking out the pathfinders, they unwittingly came within range of my pulse blasters in the front of my gun line. Medium range blasts soon took out most of the force in Overwatch, as the ill-fated assault phase was directly after. Too late, my next shooting phase bought the plasma rifle on my Crisis to bear, taking out the rest. All together, I took 8 casualties: Six pathfinders and two breachers.

After the battle, I realise that because I didn't have anything but twoTtroop choices a Fast Attack choice and a Elite choice, I was vulnerable to the Heavy Support Dunecrawler, which sponged up most of my shots. As well as this, I have built this detachment to be too focused on defeating Tyranids. The lack of utility on this team meant my forces lost eight troops to enemy fire.
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