8th Ed. 40PL Orcs vs Tau

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8th Ed. 40PL Orcs vs Tau

Post#1 » Jun 20 2017 09:14

Sorry for the poor quality I'm doing this from memory as I forgot to take notes and pictures

Mission: 4 objectives
Boardsize: 3'x4'
Deployment: Spearhaed

Orc forces:
Mec boss w/ powerfist
Truck w/ 20 boys and 4 squigoths
Truck w/ 20 boys
20 gretchins

Tau forces:
Commander w/ 4xMP
Crisis team w/ all 3x CIB
5 pathfinders /w markerlights
6m strike team
6m strike team
Devilfish w/ 10m breacher team

Tau had first deployment, which was the Crisis team in Manta Hold. Deployment then alternated back and forth.

Orcs set up their 2 trucks on edge ready to drive into the Tau lines while the gretchins held back to secure an objective.

Tau set up with the 2 stirke teams in the center behind baracades accompanied by the Fireblade. The pathfinders were on the right flank overlooking the field with the commander behind them. The left was guarded by the Breacher team in their devilfish.

Turn 1
Orcs had first turn as they had 4 drops and Tau had 7.
Both trucks moved up their 12" and gretchins moved over to one of the objectives.
Psyker tried to manifest a power while inside a truk, but after some talking around we determined that he could not, one could only shoot from inside an open top vehicle
Bigshootas and boyz attacks killed 2 from a strike team

Tau turn was next.
Tau firewarriors and fireblade moved up to be within 15" of closest truck in order to eventually unleash volley fire. The Crisis team came down in the Ork backfield 17.5" away from the truck to ensure CIBs were in range and very low chance of retalliation in the next Ork phase. And the devilfish was moved up 12" to cover an objective
Markerlights started the phase scoring 3 hits on the Ork truck. Next the Commander fired his 8 shots at the truck with his 98.7% (statistically) BS, finally scoring 3 wounds after the ork truck made a 6+ roll to convert a D3 to a D1. Next the Crisis suits took shots at the truck to attempt to finish it off. 27 shots of 7/-1/1 were pumped into the back end and it was no more. The orks inside were unloaded and in range of the Volley fire of the strike teams, completely decimating the squad inside. After all this only the Psyker was left which the Devilfish decided to take some shots at with the accompanying drones, taking 2 wounds off of him.

The game was pretty much over there, not much he could do so I will just give some lessons learned from the rest of the game.

-Don't be afraid to move your commander to the front if it means he isn't blocked by LOS
-Ork boss took off 11 wounds from a devilfish in 1 round of combat
-Ork boss had one wound left and survived 2 rounds of combat with Breachers (Tau charged Orks and it did not go well)
-8 tau did manage to hold off 12 orks with only losing 1 casualty, that bonding knife 6 can be really helpful.
-focusfire and screening are the name of the game, don't be afraid to max the 2" coherency, or make the coherency a little smaller than enemy bases so they cannon pass right through. Just make sure to tell your opponent what you are doing so that they know the distances and can make their decisions accordingly and not get up in arms at you later.
-Crisis are stupid strong in PL battles, The difference between 9 burst cannons and 9 CIB should at least be counted, not sure how though.

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Re: 8th Ed. 40PL Orcs vs Tau

Post#2 » Jun 20 2017 09:46

Nice job! And congrats on your win.

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