Longstrike wing

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Longstrike wing

Post#1 » Jun 24 2017 12:28

I did a super fluffy (but good) 1500 point list mimicking the domacles crusade battle. Longstrikes exact wing in the fluff was himself, two other hammerhead (1 RG, 1 IC), and a skyray. I added in some crisis suits for when Farsight showed up to help.

5 rounds of an objective based game. I took first turn. I moved a single drone unit of 2 to each of my sides and put the rest up front with my suits. I immediately wiped out an entire unit of skitari with my tanks. The IC is amazing when shooting units of 10+ models. The submunitions do decent as well. I got super crappy objectives, couldn't do any of them.

I lost only a few drones and took 4 wounds on a hammerhead on my opponents turn. He deepstriked with his heavy units, but not his Typhus (which I was terrified of). He couldn't get close because of the tiny drone units I sent out.

Second turn I sent out another tiny drone unit to prevent Typhus from dropping on my head, and shot up a weird helicopter looking thing with 10 wounds. It had really good saves so I just launched all my seeker missiles at it. Wiped out most of another unit and the rest ran.

I lost a few more drones and he got impatient and deepstriked with Typhus, despite the fact it wasn't anywhere near my main force. He killed a single crisis suit with smite and failed his 9" charge.

Turn 3 I started getting good objective cards, which I promptly moved my drones onto (because they aren't non-scoring units anymore). I moved two small units of drones in front of his big (20 models) melee unit approaching so they couldn't charge my tanks. I advanced my army to the middle of the table to keep him from getting 2 of his objectives while claiming one of my own.

He basically gives up trying to kill my tanks at this point and tries to win using his lead on objectives at this point. He focuses just my drones and fails to kill most of them due mostly to a lack of guns.

Turn 4 I claim a ton of objectives and reduce his army to 6 models. I keep my defense up and stay away from Typhus.

I take only drone casualties again.

final turn I claim one more objective, but can only kill one model due to targeting rules.

He kills two suits with some big hits but can't claim any objectives.

Final result was 6-6. One more turn and I would have wrecked his warlord, who was alone and in the open, but overall I stomped him in killpoints, so not bad.

Things I learned
-Typhus was made 100% worthless because of two drones preventing closer deep strike. Good plan for any opponent putting melee units into deep strike.

-having all my suits in one unit might not be a great plan. I couldn't kill his warlord on turn 5 because ONE model was in front of him and all 6 HAD to target him.
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Re: Longstrike wing

Post#2 » Jun 24 2017 12:47

there goes all the hate towards 2 man drone units in kill point games... lol

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