First game of 8th Vs Astra Millitarium

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First game of 8th Vs Astra Millitarium

Post#1 » Jun 27 2017 02:47

I had my first game of 8th on Friday at my local Games Workshop. During 7th Friday night was 750pts 40K night. For 8th they wanted to experiment a bit an the initial game was 75 power which is well above the 750pts from before. So I had a new list to think on. I decided to keep the list I had and expand from there to see how my tried and tested units worked with some extra friends.

My List:
Cyclic Ion Blaster, missile pod, ATS & multi tracker

Strike Team
11 Firewarriors (1 with Carbine)
1 Shas'ui with Carbine & Markerlight

Strike Team
11 Firewarriors
1 Shas'ui

Stealthsuit Team
2 Shas'ui with Target Locks
1 Shas'vre with Fusion Blaster & Target Lock
Homing Beacon

Crisis Team
2 Shas'ui with Flamers, Burst Cannon & ATS
1 Shas'vre with Fusion Blaster, Burst Cannon & ATS
6 Gun Drones

Ghostkeel Battlesuit
Cyclic Ion Raker, Twin Fusion Blasters, Multi Tracker and Velocity Tracker

Riptide Battlesuit
Heavy Burst Cannon, Twin Plasma Rifles, Target Lock and Stimulant Injectors

Pathfinder Team
5 Shas'la (2 with Rail Rifles)
1 Shas'ui

Sniper Drones

Firesight Marksman.

Total: 75 Power

Astra Milltarium (To the best of my memory)
3 Commanders
3 Command Squads
Pask in Leman Russ Vanquisher
5 units of Guardsman (I think, could have been 6)
Sentinel with Plasma

75 power is a huge amount for the space we play in (2x4 foot, lengthwise) and we just about fit the armies upon set up. I finished deploying first. My Riptide and Ghostkeel took the centre. The first Strike team was to their right. The Pathfinder team set up in the small outpost to the left. Markerlights on the 1st floor and Rail Rifles at ground level. The Firesight Marksman took the roof whilst the drones floated behind the Rail Pathfinders. The 2nd Strike team was to the left of the outpost and the Commander and Crisis team set up in the Manta. My stealth team set up hugging the edge of an abandoned bunker out of sight.

The AM set up with the Baneblade forefront next to a ruin opposite my outpost. A blob of Guardsmen with commander and squad had a campfire going in the ruin with the Plasma Sentinel in front of them. Pask set up on the left flank aiming for the gap to the left of the bunker my Stealth were behind. The rest of the Guardsman set up behind the Baneblade and between it and Pask.

My opponent decided to roll a 6 and seized the initiative from me. I asked whether he wanted to re-roll but for some reason he declined. Worry sunk across me as I had never faced a Baneblade before. Would my units get to my turn unscathed?

Astra Millitarium Turn 1
The Baneblade advanced to between the bunker and the ruin. The Sentinel moved forward and the Guardsmen filed out behind it. Pask drove for the gap on the other side of the bunker. The Guardsmen behind shuffled forward with nowhere really to go.
Pask shot first with everything into the Riptide. Amazingly only 1 shot from his weapons got through. Luckily I rolled a 5 and the shield held firm. The Baneblade shot all of it's weapons apart from the Heavy Bolters at the Riptide too. Again the rolling was poor and no wounds were caused.
The Heavy bolters killed 2 Firewarriors from squad 2. The Sentinel's Plasma also whiffed and got no hits. I let out a breath as I had escaped with only 2 casualties.

T'au Turn 1
The Riptide nova charged and advanced to meet Pask and the Ghostkeel shifted off to the left to target the Baneblade. The Stealth team scuttled backwards to help the Riptide with Pask. Both Firewarior teams moved forwards to try and get closer and get rapid fire.
I started the shooting with Firewarrior squad 1. First the Markerlight on Pask which despite moving got a hit. The rest of the squad had their hits saved. The Riptide unloaded into Pask only missing 2 shots due to re-rolls. His extra AP helped and he took a couple of wounds off the tank. The Stealthsuits also shot. The burst cannons failed and the Shas'vre got a 2 to hit. No re-roll and a miss. The Pathfinders marked up the Baneblade. The Rail Rifles got 2 hits and 1 wound on a 6. Straight up 2 wounds gone. The Ghostkeel decided to follow up and only got 2 hits from the overcharge of which none wounded and the Fusion missed. Firewarrior team 2 shot at the Sentinel and with the first few getting rapid fire managed to take a few wounds off it. The Sniper Drones put a few hits on the Guardsmen behind but they were saved. The Riptide now charged Pask and started on the road that would define this game. He caused no wounds and Pask failed to hit him in return.

Astra Millitarium Turn 2
The Baneblade stayed still so it could hit at full BS or so he thought. The Sentinel also stood still, but the following Guardsman continued to move forward. One Command Squad jumped up onto the bunker. Nothing else could move due to the literal road blocks. The Sentinel managed to get a hit but rolled a 1 to wound the Firewarriors. The commander shouted 'First rank, second rank fire!' behind it and the Guardsmen managed to kill another couple of Firewarriors. The Baneblade targeted the Firewarriors with the Heavy Bolters again but the shots were saved. The rest of the weapons went into the Ghostkeel and despite his dismay of hitting on 5's again (He was closer than 12” so only minus 1 to hit) he manged to destroy the Ghostkeel with the Baneblade Cannon. (I guess they found the live ammunition this time.) The Command Squad tried to flame the stealthsuits with both flamer and heavy flamer. Thankfully all wounds were saved. Pask this time managed to run over the Riptide's foot and cause a wound and no damage was returned.

T'au Turn 2
First up the Stealthsuits did what they came here to do and jumped with an advance 12” to the left and threw their beacon down. The Riptide disengaged from Pask. Now I knew a commander was on the Guard's right flank the Sniper Drones floated to the other side of the outpost for a better bearing on him. The other units stood still. Finally shadows stalked the ground as units dropped from above. The Crisis team and Drones landed next to the beacon in a lovely spot between the Sentinel, Guardsmen and the Baneblade. The Commander dropped between the outpost and Firewarrior team 1. With the Baneblade there I didn't want him too close to the front lines.
The Riptide managed to score another few wounds in shooting Pask. Firewarrior squad 1 opened up at the Command Squad on top of the bunker in front of them and killed all but the medic.
The Pathfinders once again shot at the Baneblade with only 1 markerlight the result this time.
It came in handy as the Commander needed a re-roll. However no wounds were scored. The 2nd Firewarrior team tickled the Sentinel and failed to follow up their previous turn with all wounds saved. The Stealthsuits split their fire with the Fusion missing again and the Burst Cannons failing to wound the Sentinel. The Crisis flamed a large portion of the Guardsmen into ash. The Burst Cannons also cutting a number down. The ATS causing a 6+ save helped. The Fusion aimed at the Baneblade following the luck and missed. The Drones had to split their fire evenly between the Sentinel, Guardsmen and the Baneblade. Another Guardsman bought it. The Marksmen identified the Commander and relayed the information to the Sniper Drones. Thankfully they were in rapid fire range. They managed to cause 3 wounds leaving him on 1. The Riptide once again charged Pask and caused no wounds.

Astra Millitarium Turn 3
Nothing really moved. The Medic on their right flank tried to heal the commander to no avail. (The model had no head and a lot of hilarity ensued trying to imagine the men playing pin the syringe on the commander. 'A little to the left...' 'No not there!') The other 2 medics near the bunker were more successful managing to revive the flamer toting men from the Command squad. The Baneblade, Sentinel and remaining Guardsmen shot into the nuisance Crisis and after the dust settled all 6 drones died for the Greater Good and a Crisis suffered a wound. The Baneblade's Heavy Bolters took down a Stealthsuit. Now an error on my part. The game was getting very involving and in my thinking ahead to my turn I didn't realise that the flamers wounded my Riptide illegally until the next unit went to fire at it. I decided to keep the wounds as it was my mistake. Pask failed to hit and the Riptide took a wound off Pask in the eternal combat.

T'au Turn 3
Apart from the Ripetide flying away again nothing moved. Firewarrior team 2 managed to take another 2 wounds from the Sentinel dropping it to 1. The Crisis finished off the Guardsmen in front of them. The Fusion hit the Baneblade and only managed to cause 1 wound. :sad: The Stealthsuits split their fire again. The fusion also hit the Baneblade and yes caused 1 wound. :( The Burst Cannon opened up into the Guardsman squad aiming to squeeze between the Baneblade and the bunker killing a few. The Commander overcharged the Ion again and got 3 hits on the Baneblade alongside the Missiles. Only 1 Ion shot managed to wound and thankfully caused 3 wounds. A decent 5 wounds this turn, even if that was only a scratch to the Baneblade. The Sniper Drones having found their mark last turn followed up and left a gaping hole in the Commander's chest as he fell into the dirt. Firewarrior team 1 killed the flamer guys again. The ongoing heavyweight battle caused no wounds again.

Astra Millitarium Turn 4
The Guardsman squad managed to squeeze inbetween the tank and bunker and get a few into the open. The main Commander moved up to the bunker roof to try and bring his pistol to bear. Again the Heavy Flamer rose zombie-like alongside him. The Baneblade tired with all this Fusion blew the Crisis team away and riddled the Stealth team with bullets and killed them all with the help of the Guardsmen in front of the tank. Pask managed to get another wound on the Riptide for none in return.

T'au Turn 4
The Riptide repeated his trick and flew back from the Leman Russ. The Sniper Drones sensing a new target in another Commander moved back across the front of the outpost. Firewarrior team 2 finished off the Sentinel with a well placed volley. The Pathfinders fired their Carbines into the Guardsmen in front of them managing to kill one. The Rail shots bounced off the Baneblade once more. The Commander failed to dent the tank as well. Firewarrior team 1 finished off the Command Squad on top of the bunker, medic and all this time. The Riptide wounded Pask with shooting again. The Sniper Drones getting a taste for Commanders managed to score 3 wounds with 1 being saved. The Riptide again charged into a fruitless combat with Pask.

Astra Millitarium Turn 5
Now that there was space the Guardsmen managed to move and allow Pask space to fall back from the troublesome Riptide. Anything that could shot at the Riptide. It survived with a few wounds to spare. The Guardsmen in front of the Baneblade tried to hurt the sniper drones, but with the help of hard to hit they took no wounds. The Baneblade's Heavy Bolters scored another Firewarrior. The Guardsmen who shot the drones afixed bayonets and attempted to charge Firewarrior squad 2. They lost a man to overwatch but made it in. The remainants of the Command Squad on his right also attempted to charge but failed. The Guardsmen killed 1 Firewarrior who slew 2 Guardsmen in return. Leaving 1 man (Nice!)

T'au Turn 5
The Riptide limped after it's target once more. Everything else had no reason to move. The Riptide blew chunks out of the Guardsmen with the Heavy Burst Cannon which I did decide to nova charge despite the damage to him. The Plasma failed to scratch Pask. The Sniper Drones failed to kill the Commander. The Riptide much to my opponent's annoyance charged Pask again. His joy of my snake eyes was short lived as a well timed CP re-roll got him in. The Riptide managed another wound. I thought I had him as the dice I could see had a 1 on it. However he was counting up and it was only his 8th wound. The Firewarriors battered the last Guardsman to death and consolidated back to avoid any repercussions.

He rolled for random game length and the game was over.

We were only doing a kill mission and so awarded a point for unit killed and half points for severely damaged. The usual 3 secondary objectives were also in play.

Astra Millitarium
6 pts

11 ½ points.

A nice win for me there. But things could have been different. If the his tank's shooting hadn't been a dud on 1st turn after he had seized then I couldn't have hit so hard on my turn. Also he should have but the Guardsmen in front of the tanks so they would have had a few turns of putting the kettle on waiting for action. The Baneblade can put out a lot of hurt but like all things it has suffered from the removal of templates. Units of multi wound models like the Crisis are it's lunch. The Heavy Burst cannon can really hurt an army like this, but his trolling of Pask kept him out of the game and that meant that some powerful guns weren't heading my way. I should have split the Riptide's guns much earlier than the last turn, but I was focused on wounding Pask. I also failed to realise that I had new wargear on my units. I never ran Stims before today and just plain forgot them everytime. I was too focused on the new edition and getting the basics right. I'll remember for next time. I was surprised that I lost so few models compared to him. He focused on my elites and left the Firewarriors and pathinders alone mostly. I doubt they'll keep the 75 Power but this game was immense fun.

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Re: First game of 8th Vs Astra Millitarium

Post#2 » Jul 03 2017 05:47

congratulations on your win.

Sounds like you got very lucky on turn 1.

Always take 4 weapons on your commander, especially fusion blasters. Otherwise is ballistic skill of 2+ is wasted.

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Re: First game of 8th Vs Astra Millitarium

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