Tau vs SW 1500p - Fang and Fire: Pulse Boogaloo

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Tau vs SW 1500p - Fang and Fire: Pulse Boogaloo

Post#1 » Jul 14 2017 06:30

My 3rd Tau game in 8th.

Eternal War
Mission: Secure and Control
Deployment Map: Vanguard

>Battalion Detachment (+3CP)
2x QFC with 2 gun drones each
3x10 Breacher Team with Guardian Drone
3x1 Devilfish with 2 gun drones
2x5 marker drones
2x5 Stealth Suits with 1 Velocity Tracker and 1 Drone Controller
1x6 Vespid Stingwings

Space Wolves
>Battallion Detachment (+3CP)
1x Logan Grimnar
1x Arjac Rockfist
1x Runepriest; Runic Armour (Storm Caller and Smite)
2x15 Bloodclaws; Wolf Leader
1x5 Bloodclaws; Wolf Leader with Wolf Claws
1x5 Wulfen; 4x TH/SS; 1x Frost Claws
1x Stormwolf; 1x Twin Helfrost Cannon; 2x Lascannon; 2x Twin Heavy Bolter (my opponent forgot to use 1 of them)

He won the objective deployment and put his right in the center of his deploy limit, trying to bait me to go there. I put one way back in my lines, expecting him to do the same he wanted me to do.

I started deploying my stuff: 2 Devilfishes near the center of the deploy limit (to attract him to the juicy Breachers inside) and one a bit back at the right side, to stop deep strikes near my marker drones. Said drones were at both sides of the objective, with 1 Stealth Suit team on it. The other Stealth Suit team was infiltrated behind a building (at my left side) to grab the objective while my enemy left it. QFCs and Vespids were on reserve.

My opponent deployed the Wulfen unit and the 1x5 Bloodclaw unit inside the Stormwolf (and it was deployed at his left side), while putting the Runepriest between 2 15-men Bloodclaw units near the objective. Logan and Arjac were on reserves.

I failed to seize.

SW turn 1
Everything moved up, with Bloodclaws and Runepriest Advancing. Stormwolf flew and stopped between my Devilfishes, expecting to deploy its mortal cargo next turn. Arjac and Logan didn't drop in.

Runepriest casted the +1 cover spell, but was too far for Smite.

Stormwolf dealt 4 damage to my rightmost Devilfish and 5 to the central one, but failed do anything to the marker drones.

Tau turn 1
I disembarked Breachers from rightmost Devilfish into a nearby ruin and those from the central one to nearby barricades, expecting the fleabags to drop among my units (he had only 1 way to disembark from the Stormwolf without being 5" near any Breacher unit - and that way was away from my lines). Infiltrated Steath Suit team moved up to get a view on one of the Bloodclaws.
QFCs arrived near the Stormwolf and Vespids landed on a barricade in the other deployment zone, having sights of the Bloodclaws.

Marker drones didn't hit one single markerlight on the Stormwolf, but the QFCs opened up and destroyed it. His units inside decided to disembark near my Breacher team on the ruins, but 3 Bloodclaws cushioned for the others and became pulp. Stormwolf didn't explode.
Breachers, 2 Devilfishes, gun drones and Stealth Suit team fired at the Wulfen and reduced them to 2 models. The leftmost Devilfish failed to do anything to one of the big Bloodclaw units; same with the infiltrated Stealth Suit team. Vespids killed 2 on the other unit.

Just for fun, I charged 2 gun drones at the 2-men Bloodclaw unit, but I had forgotten they had a Wolf Claw... dead, dead drones (he consolidate towards my Breachers on ruins). Same deal with the central Devilfish, which I expected to hold the Wulfen so they wouldn't be able to charge my Warlord (one of the QFCs). Dead, dead Devilfish (forgot to disembark the drones)... he consolidates towards the Breaches on the barricades.

Noone failed morale.

SW turn 2
Bloodclaws and Runepriest marched forth, eyeing my leftmost Devilfish. Wulfen ignored my Warlord and my troops, trying to come close enough to the Bloodclaws to give out buffs. Arjac and Logan arrived near the Bloodclaws. The 2-men Bloodclaw unit moved up the ruins to deal with my Breacher unit there.

Runepriest casted +1 cover spell again and used Smite on my leftmost Devilfish, dealing 1 MW.

The 2 big Bloodclaws fired bolt pistols at the same tank, removing 3 wounds ( :::( )! The small Bloodclaw unit killed 1 Breacher with bolt pistol fire. Arjac threw his hammer at the leftmost Devilfish, netting another damage (it was left with 5W at the end of his shooting phase).

Wulfen charged one of my marker drone units (he probably planned to kill them and consolidate towards the objective), while only 1 Bloodclaw unit managed to charge my leftmost Devilfish and the 2-men Bloodclaw unit charged the Breacher team (wiped out on Overwatch).
Wulfen killed 4 of 5 drones and the Bloodclaws left the Devilfish with 1W! Neither unit of mine did anything on combat, but the Drone rolled 1 for morale! It deserves a name on its base (like my Firewarrior named Tau McClane). Maybe Tau'l Jordan?

Tau turn 2
Leftmost Devilfish unloaded its Breacher and drone cargo between it and the Wulfen and disengaged from the Bloodclaws. Ruin Breachers advanced (too far from anything) and QFCs moved (one in range to Logan, other to the Wulfen). Stealth Suit team and the marker drones left the objective area (Tau'l Jordan included). On the other side of the field, Vespids and Stealth Suit team moved to get a better view of the Bloodclaw unit on the middle of the map.

Marker drones put 1ML on Wulfen and charging Bloodclaw units.
Warlord QFC, rightmost Devilfish, all gun drones and Stealth Suit opened fire on the Wulfen, finally killing them. Breachers decimated the charging Bloodclaw unit and the other QFC removed 4W from Logan. Vespids took another 2 models from the remaining unit.

My opponent decided he couldn't win anymore and called it there.

Well, his list was pratically the same from our first game. I changed my list and it fared better than the my first, but of course the enemy helped by coming at me.
Also, I think he made a serious mistake by not charging the Breacher unit near my objective. Breachers were his main problem and charging them would make him taking a lot less shots!
He's started considering changing the Stormwolf for a Land Raider. I think this is good thinking, as T7 3+, even with -1 to hit, will fall easier than T8 2+
He used his CP to re-roll some stuff I don't recall and I didn't use any of mine

- Breachers are really good vs close-up things, but not being able to disembark after moving is a serious problem for them. They can work in your backlines if you properly bait the enemy to a specific point and have them inside a transport
- Devilfishes are somewhat resistant, but won't do much damage (all they did, shooting-wise, was making my opponent spend time rolling 3+). If youn want to use them, don't field less than 2 or even 3
- Marine melee-centric armies aren't that scary. Even with 3++ and 5+++ (Wulfen) they can't resist enough dice being thrown at them
- Vespid killed 4 models in the game. Expected a bit more from them. Still better than Stealth Suits vs marines (didn't kill 1 Bloodclaw model the entire game!)
- Having more units, while bad for No Mercy and having first turn, helps immensely with objective-based games. I had 2 units on his backfield able to not only take his objective but also Linebreaker. He had no unit in my deployment zone at the end of my turn 2

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Re: Tau vs SW 1500p - Fang and Fire: Pulse Boogaloo

Post#2 » Jul 14 2017 07:37

Only piece of advice I can offer is to charge gun units with your Devilfish after discharging the breachers. Kinda hard against SW since they're mostly melee, but they usually have some shooty people in the back lines. With a 12" move though it's pretty easy to get into the back lines by turn 2. Tying up one or two units is crazy effective. You're denying so much firepower at little to no penalty, especially given Devilfish saves and toughness. They have the fly trait so they can even fall back and shoot, or even fall back and re-board your transport!
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