2000p Tau vs Guard.

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2000p Tau vs Guard.

Post#1 » Jul 15 2017 10:02

I used my list here: http://www.advancedtautactica.com/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=26042

I fought a list with several FW models in it. He had a TON of ordinance in his list, and big enough variety for a battalion detachment which gave him 12 command points to my 5. He had lots of rank and file with 3 units of big brute melee dudes.

We rolled escalation game mode, and had a third party distribute 6 objectives across our 4x6 map.

I had far fewer total units so I went first. I promptly obliterated 2 of his brute units. Their 3+ invuln saves did nothing against my seeker missiles. I also shot up my pirahnas and skyray as far as I could. He had a huge number of long range tanks in the back, so I figured I would take out all of his objective scoring power. I killed quite a few. I scored an objective.

His first turn killed half my markerlights, and focused all his firepower to kill longstrike and my advancing skyray. Neither died. No objectives scored.

Second turn I proceeded to target his troops and advanced two pirahnas and my skyray well within charging distance. I shot a ton of rank and file. I charged a unit of rank and file plus drew in a commasar with my skyray. I got two tanks and a commasar with a pirahna, and another group of rank and file with another. I scored both my objectives.

His second turn he obliterated my gun drones with one of those rance 3d6 mortal wound uber missiles. He finished off longstrike, and couldn't do much else. He scored one objective.

Third round I moved my suits into cover and took supremacy (2 on my D3) plus a defend objective, 4 total objective points there. I'm happy with my commanding objective point lead by this time, 6-2. I keep my vehicles in melee combat.

He focuses his entire army at my second rail gun tank and doesn't do much else. He runs at an objective but falls short of securing it. No points.

Fourth round I get some more defend objective, plus assassinate and some bad ones. I decide to fall back my vehicles in melee to try and kill one of his commasars, but fall short on both. Only one point scored.

For some bizarre reason he charges my final hammerhead to finish it off instead of scoring the secure objective he ran at last turn, despite my commanding lead in points. 7-3

Fifth turn I'm really starting to hurt. His tanks are wearing me pretty thin, but I hunker down and score a defend and 2 secures. 11-3

He destroys most of what I have left and grabs an supremacy, gets 3 on his D3.

Rolled a 3, game continues.

I literally hide and score one objective.

He kills nothing and scored a defend objective.

Game ends on a roll of 1.

Total score was 12-9

A pretty overwhelming victory imo. Lesson learned; keep tanks in melee as long as possible, kill scoring units, objectives > killing stuff.
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