Tau (Vior'la and T'au) vs Space Marines - 1000 points

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Tau (Vior'la and T'au) vs Space Marines - 1000 points

Post#1 » Jul 23 2017 06:06

I lost on points :(

My army list was:

Commander 4xFusion + 2xGun drones
Longstrike Railgun + 2x Burst
Hammerhead Ioncanon + 2x Burst
Cadre Fireblade
8x Firewarriors with Rifles
3XV8 all 2x Plasma + ATS accopained with 2xGun Drones
3xXV25 with Burst
Total 1000 pts

Space marines:
Drop pod with 10 tactical
2x5 Terminators
5 Tactical squad

I had XV8 and Commander in Manta hold, he had the drop pod and one terminator squad in deep strike.

I lost on points. After seven turns he only had 3 terminators and I shot them with both of my tanks, but didn't managed to kill them. Almost the whole battle my rolls was terrible and since I focused on tabling him, I gathered really small points.

I started first and deep striked with xv8 and attacked his terminators. 6 Plasma rifles in Rapid fire and ATS, did 1 damage. 1 DAMAGE! Didn't even made to kill one of his. Both tanks fired at a 5 man Tactical squad that was on the second floor of a ruin. I killed 1 Marine... ONE!!! I was already furious :)

He then deepstriked with the Pod and Terminators and killed all my 8 men Firewarrior team. The other Terminators killed one XV8. Next round I jumped in with the Commander and kill two his terminators, while the tanks again attacked the drop-poded 10 men tactical with the aid ox XV25. Just two kills. In the same round the Fireblade was killed by the terminators, while the other terminator team and Captain tried to charge the XV8 and Commander. They failed and there was the great opportunity. I killed two more terminators so he left with just one and Captain.

The tanks moved in and decimated the 10 men Tactical squad and killed the rest of the 5 men tactical squad. The XV8 and Commander survived one more charge, killed the last Terminator and Captain and run to kill the surviving members of the 10 men Tactical.

So at the end he left with just 3 Terminators, while I still had 1 XV8, 1 Commander, 2 Tanks and 1 XV25, but he won because of points. I would say overall that I rolled really bad and lost because of this. I also didn't mind about objectives...

I put on the table everything I had except the Pathfinders so that's why I had 2 tanks, to be able to have 1000 points.

Lessons learned:
- XV8 with plasma again prove to do very bad against Terminators. I wanted CIB, but didn't have points. However next time I will try CIB and Missile pods for this unit.
- Commander with 4 Fusion again was super great. Best unit in my army for now.
- Two tanks really a bad choice, but I needed to use both. However they would be really better if I had uquiped them with SMS. Burst did almost nothing. So next time I with SMS the unit will be a perfect nemesis for both infantry and vehicles.
- I really need to find place for a Pathfinder team.

The other units was as expected.

Good news for me, yesterday I got a birthday present from my friends, a Riptide :D

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