Tau vs SW 1500p - Dread is enough

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Tau vs SW 1500p - Dread is enough

Post#1 » Jul 24 2017 09:19

Another Tau vs SW game, but against another player than the other SW games.

>>Batallion Detachment
Longstrike: Railgun, 2x SMS, 2x Seeker
3x10 Breachers, 3xShas'ui; 2 wih 2 gun drones
2x10 Pathfinders, 2xShas'ui
2x Hammerhead: Railgun, 2x SMS, 2x Seeker
>Dedicated Transport
3x1 Devilfish: 2x gun drones, Burst Cannon

>>Batallion Detachment
2x5 Bloodclaws, 3x Wold Guard Battle Leader
1x5 Grey Hunters
2x1 Venerable Dreadnought: Helfrost Cannon, DCCW and Storm Bolter
1x Venerable Dreadnought: Twin Lascannon, DCCW and Storm Bolter
Iron Priest
Stormwolf: Twin Helfrost Cannon, 2x Lascannon, 2x Twin heavy Bolter
>Dedicated Transport
2x Drop Pod

Type: Maelstrom of War (we used 7th cards, as we don't have the new ones; I'm using Farsight Enclaves, he was using the base Tactical cards)
Mission: Spoils of War
Deployment: Vanguard

He won objective deployment, thus letting me choose the side with more objectives. He started deploying the 2 Bloodclaw units inside the drop pods while the rest was organized near the deploy limit, with Bjorn at his left flank with the Iron Priest and the Lascannon Dread. The 2 Helfrost Dreads were in the center, near the aircraft. Grey Hunters were in his right flank.

I put Longstrike and friends at the right side of a ruin where one of my Pathfinders were. Another Pathfinder unit was on the ruin with an objective. Breachers and Darkstrider inside the Devilfishes were deployed in my center.

Failed to seize.

- SW turn 1
Cards: 2x capture obj 5, capture obj 3

I've rarely seen an entire turn of bad rolls like that. He walked all the Dreads towards my line and the Plane took a right turn to meet my Pathfinders. One Drop Pod arrived close by and the other one near one objective he had to capture (number 3). All he did was to kill 4 Pathfinders (which passed morale) and dent 3 wounds off Longstrike. Grey Hunters moved up and got obj 5.
Tau 0 - 3 SW

- Tau turn 1
Cards: concentration of fire*, capture obj 5, one I forgot
*completely killing the 1st/2nd/3rd units you shot that turn would give you 1/D3/D3+3 victory points

One Breacher unit was 9" of the Bloodclaws droppoding near my HHs, so I disembarked and moved them up to meet those furry fellas. The other 2 Devilfishes made a left turn to meet the other Bloodclaw unit (near my 6-man Pathfinder unit; didn't disembark anyone). Hammerheads stood firm, as the Pathies.

Both Bloodclaws and one of the Helfrost Dreads were laser-pointed at, making them my to-go targets this turn.
Longstrike took off 7 wounds from the marked-up Helfrost Dread with the Railgun alone; the seekers did the rest. His SMSs flew towards the Drop Pod (Didn't target the flyer as this was his first 8th game and, after that horrible 1st turn, I wanted to let him have some fun on his 2nd turn), netting 1 wound.
Devilfishes fired at the left Bloodclaws and only the Wolf Leader remained. One of the HHs finished them off with submunitions (after the SMS doing nothing...). the disembarked Breachers opened fire at the right Bloodclaws and lifted the burden of life from them (as also taking obj 3). Their previous bus and the 2 drones fired at the Drop Pod, taking off 2 wounds. The last HH only managed to deal 1 wound at it.

I charged the Devilfish and the drones at the Drop Pod, but nothing happened.

At the end of the turn I rolled a 1 for the d3+3 card. I completed the one I forgot.
Tau 6 - 3 SW

- SW turn 2
Cards: capture obj 4, Take no Prisoners, another one I forgot

The Stormwolf flew to meet my HHs. Everything else moved towards them, except the Grey Hunters.

Bjorn dealt 6 wounds to one of my HHs. The aircraft killed Longstrike and left the obj 3 Breachers with 4 models. Lascannon Dread took 4 wounds off the empty Devilfish, while the Helfrost one took 5 from the Devilfish with Darkstrider.

Bjorn and the Lascannon Dread charged my Breachers, outright killing them.
He stole my capture obj 5 card and completed the one I forgot, but failed at getting the obj 4
Tau 6 - 6 SW

- Tau turn 2
Cards: capture obj 3, hold the line, avoid the killing strike

My opponent informed me he'd have to leave soon, so we only had time to do this turn. Just for the lulz, I fell back the Devilfish meleeing the Drop Pod to the obj 4 (to either divert Bjorn from my HHs or to steal his obj 4 card), while everything else moved away from the Dreads and targeted the plane (disembark both Breacher units and Darkstrider).

The sky was lit with markerlights and 5 found the enemy! HHs fired their weapons, dealing measly 3 wounds. The closest Breacher team took another 3, and the further one 1. A 2-man drone unit took another 2 wounds! But that was all.

Couldn't complete hold the line (he had a Drop Pod within 12" of my board edge), avoid the killing strike wasn't completeable... but I got obj 3!

Tau 8 - 7 SW

If the game continued, I'd have focused the dreads and advanced the devilfishes towards objectives, playing the long game. He'd have only the drop pods, bjorn, iron priest and the plane to dos tuff while he wouldn't be able to kill more than 2 units every turn.

Most important of all, my opponent liked the game and will probably play again! :smile:
He was a bit hesitant in playing 8th,but now all is well.

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Re: Tau vs SW 1500p - Dread is enough

Post#2 » Jul 28 2017 11:59

Nice battle report :)

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