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Tau vs DA 1500p - Hot Stuff

Post#1 » Jul 28 2017 09:17

Type: Maelstrom of War
Mission: Cloak and Shadows
Deployment: Dawn of War

>Batallion Detachment
2x QFC
1x Coldstar: Advanced Targeting System, Target Lock (Warlord)
3x10 Strike Team: 3x Shas'ui
1x3 Stealth Suits: 1x Shas'vre, Homing Beacon
1x4 Remora Stealth Drone: 7x Seeker Missile
>Fortification Network
3x Tidewall Droneport: 12x Marker Drone

>Batallion Detachment
1x Interrogator-Chaplain: Terminator (Warlord)
1x Deathwing Apothecary
1x5 Deathwing Terminator Squad: 1x Cyclone Missile Launcher
1x6 Ravenwing Black Knights
1x Ravenwing Champion
3x5 Tactical Squad: 3x Plasma Cannon
1x Ravenwing Dark Talon
1x5 Devastator Squad: 4x Lascannon

He won objective deployment. They were more or less equally distributed (1 for each 2'x2' quadrant). I rolled the Dawn of War deployment map and chose the side with more objectives. He started deploying, but as I had less units, I finished deploying.
He put his flyer on his right flank, the Tactical Squads spread around (2 behind barricades, another one in a ruin) and the Devastator Squad in his leftmost ruin - which was blocking his bike units from my view. All termies on reserves.
I mirrored his tacticals with my Tidewalls (with Strikers inside), QFCs on reserve, Remoras and Coldstar (in hindsight, should've equipped him with a Drone Controller) behind a ruin. Stealth Suits infiltrated in a ruin close by his Devastators.
Opted to start and h failed to seize.

Tau turn 1
Cards: 66 (64), 36, 65
The dreaded order 66... my warlord had to kill another character (64), and only him could do it (cavefeat of order 66). 36 was easy (hold obj 6 for 2 turns), but I had to leave Coldstar there. 65 made imperative to destroy the aircraft.

Moved the Remoras up to 18" of the Dark Talon (he mirrored my flyer deploy), disembarked the Marker Drones and repositioned the leftmost Tidewall, to stop any fancy 9" teleport shenanigans. The other 2 stayed put. QFCs arrived near the Dark Talon.

Markerlight drones fired at the Devastators (1 token) and the aircraft (3). Center and right Strike team and Stealth Suits fired at the Devastators, killing 3! This basically neutered them for the rest of the game, so I don't need to write on them anymore in this BR, hehehe :evil:
Remoras launched their seeker missiles at the Dark Talon, netting 2 MWs. 1 QFC did only 5 wounds, but the other one finished it for its 2-3 next lives! No 6 on the Explodes.
My left Strike Team was too far way to do anything.

Devastators passed morale.

Completed card 65. Should've discarded 66... a minor mistake.
[Tau 2 - 0 DA]

DA turn 1
Cards: secret!
Exasperated by the loss of his aircraft, the Dark Angels had vengeance on their mind (aren't they always like that...?). Tacticals and Devastators didn't move. Ravenwing bikes moved up towards my right flank and the Deathwing came from space to met imperial justice towards the upstart xenos (they arrived near my 2 QFCs).

Tacticals killed 3 drones from my left, Deathwing did 3 wounds to one of my QFCs, ravenwing removed 5 wounds from my right Tidewall. 1 Stealth Suit perished to Tactical fire and another one was wounded.

He charged the wounded QFC with the Deathwing Terminator Squad (1 died to overwatch), but did 1 damage to him. Ravenwing tried to charge my Tidewall, but failed. Interrogator-Chaplain charged the full QFC, but did nothing to him.

The single drone failed his morale and fled the battlefield.

In his turn, I completed the card 36. He did one of his, but I forgot which one it was.
[Tau 4 - 1 DA]

Tau turn 2
Cards: 32, 44
Had to hold obj 2 for 2 turns (it was close to my center) and take obj 4 (right flank). Pretty much easy ones.

The big boys showed up and it was time to flex my melta muscles! Remoras moved to the upper left corner (to get a good view on both termies and tactical squad behind a barricade). Wounded QFC left combat but stayed around the Terminators. The other QFC moved up to fire at the Apothecary. Left and Center Tidewalls moved up (left one to grab obj 2, the other to get closer to the gunline). The right one stood at 15" of the bikes and the drones were already at obj 4. Coldstar moved up a bit to have some fire angles but kept hidden from all the plasma.

Even with BS4+, the drones seemed to be feeling quite Orky that turn and rolled lots of 3s or worse. Melta fire killed another 2 Termies, while the Remoras did squiggly nothing. Killed another bike from concentrated Pulse Rifle fire and Burst Cannons. Apothecary became fused to the ground after the QFC fired at him. Coldstar hurt one terminator.

Completed card 44 and, again, should've discarded card 66...
[Tau 5 - 1 DA]

DA turn 2
Cards: won't tell ya!

This one was good for him. Moved up the bikes to be close to my right Tidewall, his left Tacticals to kill my Stealth Suits. Terminators and Interrogator-Chaplain were already chanting prayers to the Emperor as they closed in for the kill towards my wounded QFC. The rest stood still.

Deathwing fire took another wound from the wounded QFC. Bikes ended the Tidewall, which went Explodey! Lucky, noone inside died and I disembarked them inside a crater nearby. Black Knights and Champion took 1 mortal wound each (from a d3... goddamn!), while the drones in obj 4 lost 2 fellas. Stealth Suits were vaporized by plasma fire from all 3 Tactical Squad firing.

Deathwing Terminator Squad charged my wounded QFC, losing one guy in the process. Interrogator-Chapalin also made its charge, as Black Knights (the Champion failed his, lol :D ).

Wounded QFC finally bit the dust and 8 freaking Fire warriors became one with the Greater Good. But the bravest of them all, the Shas'ui, managed to kill a wounded bike! From this day on, he shall be named Tau-Claude van Damme! :fear:

It was so awesome I spent 2CP to keep him and his sidekick alive. Drones in obj 4 stood still (and that would prove fortuitous!)

He completed 2 objectives (one of them was to clean the 6" area around the center of the map). In his turn, I completed card 32.
[Tau 7 - 3 DA]

Tau turn 3
Cards: 25, 14
Quite simple cards - take objs 5 and 4. The drones were already at obj 4 and obj 5 was between my Coldstar and his Terminators...

Remoras came back to take obj 5. Coldstar remained still. QFC jumped to deal with the terminators and the Tidewalls once again moved towards his gunline. I fell back with the 2 surviving Fire warriors.

Here I made my greatest mistake: divided QFC firepower between the remaining Deathwing dude and the Interrogator-Chaplain (he was the closest one). The Deathwing dude only suffered 1 wound (I forgot to roll 2 die and pick the best) and I completely whiffed his Warlord... That stopped my Coldstar from being able to fire at the Interrogator-Chaplain and possibly getting cards 66+64 (had I discarded them before, this wouldn't have been a problem at all).
Well, Remoras did nothing (2+ armour saves do work when you're not the guy rolling them), but Firewarriors removed another bike. Coldstar finished off the wounded Terminator.

Completed cards 14 and 25.
[Tau 9 - 3 DA]

DA turn 3
Cards: don't peek!

Interrogator-Chaplain approached the QFC, one Tactical squad Advanced to grab obj 2 (where the Stealth Suits once stood) adn the bikes closed in to the center Tidewall.

Firepower killed the 2 drones in obj 4 and the 2 walking Fire warriors. QFC was seriously wounded by plasma.

QFC was charged by his warlord and was removed from the game. Bikes charged the marker drones (the Champion failed his charge AGAIN) and killed only one in the process.

Drones passed morale.

He completed one objective.
[Tau 9 - 4 DA]

When I took my cards for turn 4, the store had to close and we left.


- Remoras are cool and dandy, but quite expensive (They're PL 3 but more than 80p. Makes no sense at all!). I'll try Piranhas next; 10p cheaper per model and double wounds (not counting 2 drones per model!). In the end, they bring the same firepower of 2 gun drones for 5 times their price... ok, not having to shoot the closest one, moving 20" and having 36" range are good, but a bunch of S5 AP0 for 80ish points... eh. The seekers aren't a good AA weapon on units without good BS.

- Tidewalls are nice. T7 helps vs bolters and even plasma (4+ to wound). The drones themselves, firing at BS4+, weren't much. A Fireblade inside each one would make this a different story. I think Pathfinders are a better deal.
Also, I beliece you can field a droneport without any drones ('you can also set up a unit of up to 4 tactical drones') - making them quite interesting for the price of a Piranha.

- QFCs are awesome, but don't forget the 2k1 rolls within 9"! Also, no need to stay that close from strong melee units. Opponents will roll good 5++ saves when you need them to fail the most!

- If you're taking Coldstar and Remoras, no readon to not take a Drone Controller

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