Counter Crisis Vs. Magnus The Red

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Counter Crisis Vs. Magnus The Red

Post#1 » Jul 30 2017 02:22

My list can be found here. Farsight Enclaves Counter Crisis

Enemy List
Power points: 90, Command Points 6, Deployments 5
Magnus The Red
1 Sorc
1 HQ Sorc lord
2x 10 man Rubric Marines
1x Cultists
1x 10 man Scarab Terminators
1 predator

Each players list was made to be played at 2,000pts.
Warhammer 40k Galaxy in flames "The Fate of Konor" Battle 1
Mission: Eternal War Retrieval Mission (pg 218)
deployment: Dawn of War

Egi, we will use sectors to describe the board. The board is composed of 6 sectors, sector 1-3 is the player that starts first. From the first places facing of the table on the right is sector 1, middle is sector 2, left is sector 3. The second players right sector is 4, middle sector is 5 and left sector is 6.

Objectives placed.
Sector 1 in a ruin placed 6 inches from the board edge slightly over the halfway point of the table is one objective. The second objective is in sector 2 in the ruins of a large three levels blown out building positioned 8 inches from the table edge in the middle of the sector. Sector 4 in a medium sized ruins with four levels the objective is on the second level. The ruins are located in bottom corner of the sector 6 inches from both table edges. The last objective is located in sector 5 in the ruins of a large three story building only six inches from the middle of the table on ground level right across from sector 2 about 18inches.

You only score points for holding the objectives at the end of the game each ones is worth 3 points. You score points for killing the warlord, line breaker and first blood.

Tau player
"I put 6 units into reserve, 3 commanders and three crisis teams."


Rubric Marine squad 1 was placed in sector one up against the line for deployment aiming to take the objective in the ruins 8 inches away in the ruins. There was also ruins behind them he didn't choose to deploy in hoping for a quick grab.

Rubric marine squad 2 was placed in the ruins in sector 2. There were no other ruines or terrain in this sector other then this large building. They would need to move up to claim the objective as the objective was 4 inches from the deployment line.

Cultists were placed in sector 2. 5 inches away from the rubric marines out in the open to the left of the ruins.

Sorc was placed in between the two squads in sector 2.

Predator was placed in sector 2 behind the two squads against the table edge in range for re-rolls. The ruins of sector 2 was to the right of the predator and in sector 3 was some ruins close about four inches to the predators left. To give him cover for possible rear line deep strikes.

Magnus was placed in sector 2, to the far right towards sector 1 between both buildings from each sector flanking his left and right giving some support to both his rubric marine squads.

At this point we took turns deploying, in the end magnus put his scarab marines into reserve along with the sorc lord.

The tau player placed all his units into the building on every level except the ground floor. One strike team was on ground level and spaced out to push back deep strikes from getting to close to my KV128 hiding behind the ruins more so dangerously close to the corner of the table.

(If the KV128 got into melee he probly would not of been able to break away as he cant go though the ruins. It was a tactical risk and good bait. The question is if magnus forces would take the bait.)

Seize the intuitive
Rolled 4, and used a command point again a 4 was rolled.

Magnus CP 6, Tau CP 6
Magnus The Red, Turn 1
The rubric marine squads moved towards their respective objectives. The squad in sector 1 was a turn away from capturing the point. The squad in the ruins in sector 2 was on it pretty fast. The cultists advanced forward towards the objective in sector 5, but were clearly a full turn away with a good advance roll. Magnus moved up towards the cultists taking his time getting himself ready unleash something fiendish, also keeping close enough to the rear to repel deep strikes if any showed. The predator stayed and the moved up behind the cultists.

The deep strike came down 9 inches away from my lines in sector 4, the 10man scarab terminators with two missile launchers, two soul reapers and six storm bolters. His sorc lord dropped behind them all about three inches back all alone. Behind the scarabs was a small ruin and the sorc lord was between the table edge and the ruins behind the scarabs. The ruins was placed six inches from the table edge about 4 inches from the middle of the table center.

Sorc Lord failed to cast Warptime on the scarab terminators, but was successful for presence.

Sorc in the terminator squad casted smite on my kv128 scoring 2 wounds, no saves from stimulants.

Magnus casted warptime on the rurbric squad and they moved a bit forward up and past the objective leaving one man close to it to hold it.

Magnus casted presence on the predator

The combined firepower of the scarab terminators and predator saw the KV128 take an additional 7 wounds. It saved decent number of wounds on a 4+ from the heavier weapons, stimulants was successful once. In all honesty I rolled pretty poorly against the heavier firepower even my opponent took advantage of that. As he spread out his basic fire into a pathfinder squad and into a strike team. When the dust settled only five pathfinders were still alive shaken but still in the fight out of a 10 tau unit and a lone firewarrior shas'ui stood his ground against all odds.

No charges declared.

KV128 lost 9 wounds.
5 pathfinders dead
4 strike team members dead.

Counter Crisis, Tau Turn 1
The entire farsight enclave forces dug in bracing themselves and taking positions quickly. Not needing to move any of their units as their attention was now on the scarab terminators. Farsight, two commanders and the three crisis teams dropped from the mantas upon command. As the trap was sprung and farsight would indeed capitalize in eliminating the isolated forces the enemy deployed.

The team of CIB and two fusion commanders landed 16-18 inches away from the predator along the table edge in sector 3. The ruins in sector 3 didn't provide enough cover to give the tank cover as a widow in the wall helped with seeing enough of the vehicle to prevent it from gaining a cover save.

The first plasma crisis team landed 10 inches away from the scarab terminators in sector 4, right where I lost my four strike team members to fill in the gap to hopefully prevent any charges from making it to my kv128 if any of the scarab terminators survived.

Lastly my second plasma crisis team landed in sector 3, curving back a bit but with in range of the other team to provide support if charged, but in range of 10-12 inches of the sorc lord directly behind, Farsight himself lead this team.

All the marker lights focused upon the scarab terminators netting enough hits to get all the bonuses due to bad rolling I had to use them all on them it was close. I could almost swear my pathfinders took some shooting lessons at the stormtrooper academy.

The marker drones opened up one hit on the predator, while the gun drones did a successful wound upon it.

The the other drone teams only netted a single wound upon the scarab terminators which wasn't to bad.

The basic fire of rapid fire pulse riles ensured another wound as well.

The predator took a storm of fire from both commanders shooting very well and doing very poorly in wounding, along with charged cibs hitting pretty well and wounding terribly barely destroyed it. (First Blood)

The plasma crisis team farsight led and himself opened up upon the lord sorc killing him out right in a hail of plasma.

The crisis plasma team two unloaded killing three and a half models.

The KV128 opened up with everything he had and only killed two as his destroyer missiles missed all but one. Thus leaving 4 scarab terminators left alive but split up pretty badly.

He was forced to use two command points to auto pass lead check on his scarab terminators at the end of turn.

6 Scarab marines dead
1 predator
1 sorc lord dead

In all honestly I have never faced Magnus the red army before. In this addition all the basic bolters are -2 ap across the board. Everything they shot practically is -2 or higher. I was very lucky most of his forces where so split up it allowed me to avoid a good deal of his fire power. But even with my massed fire magnus forces had some nasty surprises it seams that any weapon that does one damage buffs the squad with +1 to armor saves making it so any light fire or light ap weapons useless this also stacks with cover saves if they happen to be in cover. luckily I was out fitted with a good number of high ap attacks and multi-wound weapons. In addition some units had some pretty good invulnerable saves as well later on I would find out. My shooting in the first round was pretty poor I kept rolling bad on wounding quite a bit but still I was happy with the results.

Magnus the Red, Turn 2
Sensing the tau's lapse of resolve and unsteady aim having watched a number of their own drop so suddenly and despite his own losses his forces advanced upon the tau lines and objectives despite the losses.

The rubric marines in sector 1 moved into the ruins onto the objective by advancing claiming it. As they now stood at the center of the board near the table edge between sector 1 and 6 in runs.

The second rubric marines in sector 2 shifted towards the crisis teams that dropped all the while keeping one man on the objective.

The scarab terminators moved to regain unit coherency but couldn't move forward at all.

The sorc moved towards crisis suits in sector three that came down trying to get close enough to smite.

Magnus the red moved closer towards the crisis suits at full movement but was to far away at the moment to be able to charge.

The cultists ignored the crisis suits and kept going after the objective in sector 6 and with a poorly rolled advance roll was four inches from capturing the objective.

Magnus the red casted warptime on himself! Rolled double 6's and command pointed for another 6! Thus taking 2 wounds to himself! He moved closer and now was in range to charge the crisis teams 10 inches away!!!

Magnus casted super smite! successful on a roll of a 10. 2d6 rolled he got 8 mortal wounds. Five drones died and one crisis suit died.

Magnus tried to cast another spell some type of flame. Double 1's were rolled and he took another 2 wounds from perils of the warp.

Sorc attempted to cast smite but was not in line of sight or range of any suits.

The scarab marines opened up all heavy weapons onto the KV128 while soul revers and storm bolters fired into the crisis suits. Three drones dropped and one wound to the crisis team was made while the KV128 escaped with no further damage.

No other units could shoot at anything so magnus the red declared charge.

All my crisis teams and commanders with in range of the unit targeted opened fired. They hit many times but only caused two additional wounds. Magnus charged failing to make the distance even with a command point re-roll leaving him in the open.

6 Gun drones dead
2 marker drones dead
1 crisis suit dead
Magnus the red, 6 wounds (2 failed perils, 2 wounds from failed charge)

Counter Crisis, Tau turn 2.
Magnus the Red charged head long into the crisis teams but the suits were to nimble as farsight clipped commands quickly to each unit as magnus found himself standing in open surrounded by farsights best as the suits took aim. The order went out as one of the commanders with fusion blasters aiding the crisis suits with CIB issued the Kauyon order. All the while the plasma team with farsight moved towards Magnus the Red preparing to take the fight directly to the monster himself.

At the start of the turn Kauyon was issued. The two fusion blaster commanders and the CIB crisis suits stood their ground. The plasma crisis suit team 1 and farsight moved with in 5 inches of magnus the red. There was no escaping such a fast advisory it was do or die!

The plasma crisis team 2 moved towards magnus from the ruins they were protecting along with the drone towards sector 3.

Everyone else stood still.

The combined firepower of all the crisis suits in sector 3 was enough to drop magnus the red in a fiery death of plasma, melta and overcharged CIB fire.

The scarab terminators met their end at the combined firepower of crisis team 2 plasma rifles ensuring no survivors this time.

The sorc was shot dead by farsight himself as his firepower wasn't needed to kill magnus.

The cultists found themselves being shredded by the smart missile system and cluster rocket system from the kv128 loosing 3/4's of their number.

No charges were made

Magnus the Red, DEAD
Sorc, Dead
Cultists, Destroyed (auto mass fail)
scarab Terminators (Destroyed)

Both sides CP was completely depleted in turn 2 the use of the cp wasn't mentioned mainly due to it was re-rolls of armor, to hit or other minor rolls. CP mentioned were considered game changers.

Magnus the Red's Army withdraws from battle...... Game Ends.

Tau Overwhelming victory!
1 Battle, 1 paint score obtained for week 1. Since Chaos is running rampid in our store, I awarded my win to the Imperils to try to bring a balance to the battle.

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Re: Counter Crisis Vs. Magnus The Red

Post#2 » Jul 31 2017 12:10

Tau'va Silvtalon! Glad to see your list is doing well!

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Re: Counter Crisis Vs. Magnus The Red

Post#3 » Jul 31 2017 12:15

Arka0415 wrote:Tau'va Silvtalon! Glad to see your list is doing well!

Thank you, I have yet to loose a match with this list since I put it together. Although, I honestly got very lucky in downing magnus with how badly I was honestly rolling if he didn't inflict wounds upon himself in his physic phase I wouldn't of killed him hes a beast in melee.

Anyhow, I'll be starting week 2 of this event this Monday. So wish me luck.

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Re: Counter Crisis Vs. Magnus The Red

Post#4 » Sep 06 2017 01:56

In turn 1 your opponent cast the same psychic spell cant do that, not that it made much difference, but it may in the future

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Re: Counter Crisis Vs. Magnus The Red

Post#5 » Sep 06 2017 03:37

bansh wrote:In turn 1 your opponent cast the same psychic spell cant do that, not that it made much difference, but it may in the future

Old thread, but good catch! Yeah, it looks like the TSons player attempted to cast Warptime twice.

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Re: Counter Crisis Vs. Magnus The Red

Post#6 » Sep 10 2017 01:54

So long as you are playing matched play that is.

Oh also the 1k sons ability that buffs their saves buffs their invuln save too. So firing plasma at them can be difficult what with a 4++.

Heck now their sorcerers can make that a 3++ re-roll ones.

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