Tau vs DA 1500 - Fast & Furious

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Tau vs DA 1500 - Fast & Furious

Post#1 » Aug 03 2017 08:39

Mission Type: Maelstrom of War
Mission: Deadlock
Deployment: Front-line Assault

>Outrider Detachment
Coldstar; ATS, DC (Warlord)
1x4 Remoras; 8x Seeker Missile
2x4 Piranhas; 16x Seeker Missile
3x10 Pathfinders; 1x Shas'ui; 9x Ion Rifle

>Batallion Detachment
Company Master
Librarian; Bike; Aversion, Engulfing Fear (Warlord)
1x5 Ravenwing Bike Squad; 2x Meltagun
1x6 Black Knights; Melta-bomb
2x Nephilim Jetfigher; Twin Lascannon
3x10 Tactical Squad; 3x Combi-melta, 3x Grav-gun

SPOILER: Never used any seeker missile (completely forgot those on the Piranhas and optimal targets for Remoras never had 2 ML). 120p thrown away... Also, both players forgot to roll the 'FnP' warlord trait, lol

As he won objective deployment, he started putting stuff on table. He had one aircraft right on the middle front of his deploy zone and another one on his left flank, near 2 units of Tactical Squads with the Company Master between them (and hidden by a rock). Ravenwing Bike Squad wwas positioned behind a ruin on the middle back of his deployment and the black nights behind another ruin near the third group of Tactical Squads. Librarian was riding near the black knights

Coldstar and Remoras deployed behind a ruin on my right flank with Pathfinders behind them. The other 2 Pathfinders were set on my middle and left flanks (middle in cover and the other one, behind a ruin). QFC on Manta Strike. Piranhas covered my line to stop the bikes from assaulting my Pathfinders.

He failed to seize and I started. Pathfinders at my left and right flank used Vanguard to reposition themselves on ruins.

Tau Turn 1
Drawn Cards: 65, 52, 53, 63, 12 and 51
A very nice selection of objectives, as I had to grab obj 2 (right in front of a unit of piranhas), destroy something with Fly and another with W10+ (his 2 aircraft), destroy units on the shooting phase (hooray!), destroy any unit (yay) and destroy units in melee (ugh).

Piranhas moved up to deal with exposed enemies, Coldstar and Remoras took flight to my right setting sights on the aircraft. 3 of my right Pathfinders came out of their hiding spot to get some target practice.

Pathfinders marked 2 units of Tactical Squads, one managed to deal only 1 ML hit to one of the Nephilims and... I forgot to bring the QFC! Goshdangit :( This haunted me for the entire game. With him, i'd be able to score 2 objectives... without him, no chance on killing the aircraft without at least 2 MLs.
Piranhas threw a lot of dice towards the Tactical Squads; the one to my left lost 5 guys, the one on the middle lost more. Remoras finished them (First Blood!). Coldstar dealt 4W to the right Nephilim.
Ion Rifles from Pathfinders did nothing.

Completed Cards: 53, 12, 51 / Discarded: 52

DA Turn 1
Drawn Cards: there were a lot of them

All bike units moved up to deal with my Piranhas. The right Tactical Squad stood still to get obj 6 (one of his cards). Left Tactical Squad advanced to grab obj 3 (another of his cards). Nephilims moved up towards the middle of the map.

He Smited my left Piranhas for... 1 wound. The otehr power was a perils and he lost 1 wound.

Plasma killed one of my Piranhas, dealing 1 wound to the unit. One Nephlim killed another Piranha, while the other one managed to kill one of my Remoras. Melta from the Ravenwing Bike Squad killed another Piranha, but this one didn't explode.

He charged my left Piranhas with his Librarian and Black Knights, but the latter failed their roll. Ravenwing Bike Squad charged the middle Piranhas.
Librarian killed one, as the Ravenwing fellas. Left Piranhas lost 1 to morale while middle squad lost everyone... only their drones remained on the field (I don't know if the passengers can disembark if their transport is removed by Morale... I went with 'yes'. Also, forgot to roll the dice to see if they were killed by the forced disembarkation).

Tau Turn 2
Drawn Cards: 46, 21, 44
Another good batch and, as the previous one, with a card right to be discarded! Capture all objectives (-.-), capture obj 1 and either score obj 4 (rolled) if I was already there or more points if I destroyed an enemy unit on it and capture it (his full wounds aircraft). Neat!

My only Piranha moved to obj 4, as the remaining drones. Coldstar and Remoras moved up to the middle of the map. QFC deep striked on a building near the full wounds aircraft. Drones from the now-fled Piranhas moved up towards the right Tactical Squad.

Markerlights lit up the sky towards the Nephilim near obj 4. Got 5 markers and QFC fried it up. Drones shot at the Black Knights and killed one. The other Drones killed some Tacticals. Coldstar and Remoras killed 2 Ravenwing bikes.

Drones charged the Ravenwing bikes and kept still even after losing some models.

Completed cards: 65, 63, 21, 44 (whooping 3 points on this one!)/ Discarded: 46

DA Turn 2
Drawn Cards: so many... one of them was to make me fail morale tests

This is the turn I paid for the mistake of forgetting to bring QFC turn 1.
The other Nephlim moved towards my left flank, Black Knights and Librarian conveged on the lone Piranha, Ravenwing bikes kept fighting drones and Tactical Squads moved up, as the Company Master.

He casted Engulfing Fear on the Remoras and Smited them too, killing one.

At the end of his shooting phase, only 2 drones remained on my left flank, one Pathfinder died, the Piranha was kaputt and only 1 Remora remained.

He had no good targets to charge, but those 2 drones, the lone Remora and the drones in combat lost morale, netting him D3 points (got 2).

Tau Turn 3
Drawn Cards: 11, 13, 64, 43
This was my first game where Hold the Line could be completed without needing to kill anything. It's a quite underwhelming objective. Lucky me, obj 1 was already with me and 3 had only 1 5-man unit on it. Kill a character was obviously to be discarded.

Coldstar advanced towards obj 3, exposing himself for the Greater Good. QFC moved up to get a good view of those Black Knights. The 2 drones from the destroyed Piranhas closed in to protect QFC, as the lone drone fighting the Ravenwing. Pathfinders kept still.

Markerlights lit up the 5-man Tactical Squad and the Black Knights. Ion Rifles killed one Ravenwing bike. QFC killed 3 Black Knights! Drones dealt some wounds to the Librarian (which already suffered to overwatch from Piranhas, back in turn 1). Coldstar killed 3 of the 5 guys near obj 3.

Coldstar charged the 2 fellas and killed them both! ATS working on melee has its advantages.

Completed cards: 11, 13, 43 / Discarded: 64

DA Turn 3
Drawn Cards: Forgot them all, except one to hold obj 2 for 2 turns

His aircraft pulled back, as Black Knights and Librarian, to deal with Coldstar. Remaining Tactical Squad and Company Master moved up to obj 2. Ravenwing moved towards my QFC.

Lucky for me he failed a lot of smite and plasma, dealing a total of 3 wounds to Coldstar. The aircraft had to help kill the drones near QFC so the Ravenwing bikes could finish him off (which they did).

Librarian and Black Knights charged Coldstar; all he could do is close his eyes and expect the worst.

He felt the attacks. He felt the bulky heads of the gue'ron'sha crude weapons smash against the advanced plating of his battlesuit. The worst was coming to him.

But the worst wasn't strong enough to stop the Greater Good.

He opened his eyes and saw that his enemies were amazed by his 4+ rolls. In retribution, he finished off the Librarian and got a Slay the Warlord! This was surely a sign of things to come!

Tau Turn 4
Drawn cards: 34, 31, 25
Obj 4 was untainable, but 5 and 1 were.

Left and middle Pathfinders moved up towards the exposed Ravenwing bikes, Coldstar fled combat towards the left flank.

Coldstar killed TWO of the Black Knights and the Pathfinders got one of the Ravenwing bikes.
My opponent completed his card to hold obj 2 for 2 turns.

Completed cards: 25 / Discarded: 34

DA Turn 4
Drawn Cards: eeh... one was to kill someone in melee

The sole Black Knight stopped 1" from Coldstar to end his miserable xenos life. Ravenwings moved there too. The aircraft had to take a right turn or leave the table.

My opponent threw any interest in completing his melee objective and plasma-fied Coldstar. Aircraft killed some Pathfinders with the help of the Tactical Squad. Ravenwing gunned done some more.
All of them held!

At this moment my opponent got a call from his lady and had to leave (as I had an appointment soon anyway), so we called it there.

Tau 17 - DA 13. Tau'va be praised!

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Re: Tau vs DA 1500 - Fast & Furious

Post#2 » Aug 03 2017 08:47

Post-game thoughts:

- Remoras aren't good at all. They're basically flying Piranhas with half their wounds for 10p more. Noth really worth in my view. Won't use them again until FW fixes their price.
- Piranhas units shoot a boatload of dice, but are really easy to kill. Dunno if I'll use them in units bigger than 2 models again.
- Coldstar is fast and helped me grab an objective, but... lacks a lot of punch. If Remoras were good, i'd use them and Coldstar a lot.
- Big Pathfinder units with special weapons are a bit meh. I think they'd work better in MSU. Too bad their minimum size is now 5 instead of 4 models, or 3 units with 3 Ion/Rail Rifles each could go inside a Devilfish.
- Speaking of Ion Rifles... they're cheap, but doesn't seem to have that much of a punch. If their overcharge were D2 instead of D1, they'd be more terrifying.
- Volume of fire alone won't win games. Without that strategic QFC, I'd have lost the game.
- Crippling vehicles/monsters help a lot. Forgot to add in the BR, but after I've took 2 more wounds from the Nephlim, it dealt a LOT LESS damage on my units. The many 3s I've seen my enemy roll that would have been effective have I not shot a bit more at tje airplane...

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Re: Tau vs DA 1500 - Fast & Furious

Post#3 » Aug 03 2017 09:16

I feel the exact same way about the Remoras.

On paper I like what they do, a wing of 4-6 being used as a fast moving/deepstriking alpha strike unit using it's ML 2+ rerolling seekers to bring down a priority target ie. vehicle, imperial knight, something hard to kill etc.

The problem for me is the points. In order for them to do what they do well, you need to invest like 500+ pts into them and a coldstar which makes them prohibitively expensive. In low point games, they're not viable, in high point games, you could still put those points into stuff that would net you a WAY better return on your investment. It all comes down to points.

Also, I get that they have hard to hit (cool and all) but they're supposed to be stealth drones, I was hoping they would have camouflage fields like the stealth suits for a total -2 to hit. That would go a long way. Also having a hover mode would help.
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