Battle on Vindi XII: My first battle with a new army.

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Battle on Vindi XII: My first battle with a new army.

Post#1 » Aug 11 2017 11:18

You can see the list I used for this battle here:
This was a unlimited point, 190 Power Level Battle against Imperial Guard. I won't mention what he was using, as it would spoil the following narrative. I previously posted a a report of a battle which used a particularly detailed piece of Scratch-Built terrain called 'Guella Ridge'. The guy who built it briefly came back to the area I live in to give our group a new piece of scratch built terrain, meant to mimic the Catchran Jungles. Since Catchran in deep inside Imperial space, we decided that to have the Tau fighting on a simular death world, we would make it a planet on the edge of Tau space called Vindi. The planet is mostly jungle, and was home to a large colony of Imperial Colonists (prior to my battle). The Astra Militarium was defending the world, which is when this battle is set. At the end of this report, I will post my opponent's list.
Opponent: IG
Play order: IG followed by Tau
Mission: Attrition (kill all enemies)
PL: 190. No Point limit

Phase One
The bushes rustled as Breacher Team Onyx moved slowly through the dense tangle of foliage that filled the space. It had been 10 Cycles since the 301st Vior'la Marine Battlegroup made landfall on this godforsaken world, and the team was already aching to be back aboard the orbiting fleet. The Gue'la had put up considerable resistnance, and sensors had detected large amounts of movement through this area. Leading the team was Shas'ui Mal'caor, a veteran of the Taros Campaign, and the leader of the group. The team stopped dead as their leader held up a fist.

"Possible Contact, 400 meters dead ahead."

The team readied their weapons and took cover behind a cluster of moss-covered boulders. Suddenly, a burst of gunfire set the jungle ablaze. The team dared not to return fire, not knowing the position or number of their attackers. Before the Shas'ui could order his men to retreat, a group of Catchran Jungle Fighters, charged around the boulder. The Shas'ui shot one with his pulse pistol, splattering the Tau in front of him with blood. However, the sudden appearance of the expert soldiers had caused some level of confusion, a confusion which allowed the Gue'la to take down two of the five Breachers before anyone could react. The jungle fighters were soon cut down amidst a hail of pulse blaster shots, and the attack ended.

On the other side of the battlefield, the 5th Heavy squadron was having difficulty working in the environment. Commander Longstrike was leading from the rear, assisted by two veteran Hammerhead crews, their vehicles fitted with Ion Cannons for closer-range engagement. Longstrike (true to his name) was still using the standard railgun system. In the lead, Vindicator Squad lead the army, their Twin-linked heavy rail rifles pointed dead ahead. Beside them, the 251st Battlesuit Division acted as a vanguard, their suits fitted for direct engagement. Suddenly, a roar sounded, and Shas'ui O'shas and his battlesuit detonated in a flash of light. Commander longstrike grimly sent a message to the troops:

"All units: Gue'la Baneblade directly ahead!!

To Be Continued
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Re: Battle on Vindi XII: My first battle with a new army.

Post#2 » Aug 13 2017 06:28

Good report! Don't leave us hanging!

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