1500 pt Tournament with Cold Storm List

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1500 pt Tournament with Cold Storm List

Post#1 » Aug 17 2017 01:27

Did a 1500 or tournament with a modified Cold Storm list (much discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=52&t=25564) , mixed results but ended up taking 2nd place (never got to play the first place finisher) and a pretty hefty gift card.

It was 3 rounds with a mix of missions (we didn't know them before hand), 1 objective and 2 kill points with modifiers. Armies could be 2 detachments max, with nk duplicates.

My list was:
Supreme Command Detachment
-4x Coldstar Commanders (ATS+SG)
-1x Coldstar Commander (ATS+DC)

Outsider Detachment
-Longstrike (Rail Gun+Gun Drones)
-2x Drone Squad (6 Gun Drones)
-2xDrone Squad (3 Gun Drones+2 Marker Drones)
-2x Hammerhead (Ion cannon+Gun Drones)

My meta is pretty MEQ infantry heavy, but I might have skewed too much for that. The hammerhead were good but simply didn't have the punch to work through the sheer number of high toughness, good save wounds you can see.

First game was against my good friend Thomas and his Salamanders. We've played at other tournaments and it's always fun. The mission was kill points.

His list:
-lieutenant (reroll 1
-Aquila Fortress with Macrocannon (T10, 3+, 30 wounds!)
-4x Whirlwinds w/ castellans
-2x quake guns (or whatever they are called) with techmarine gunners
-3x big terminator guys with 6x cover ignoring lascannons

Obviously this is a bad match up for my force, I left all the fusion commanders I needed at home that day. He turtles in a corner behind his fortress, with the lascannons hidden inside his 30 wound monstrosity. I deploy the drones and hammerhead, deepstrike the coldstars.

He gets first and kills Longstrike with his lascannons right off the bat. Ugh. The rest of the army sprinkles some wounds on hammerheads and drones. It's clear the 6 lascannon dudes are the heavy hitters, and I can't get to them! I decide it's best to go after the rest: I land the coldstars on one flank of the fortress, focus down a whirlwind with then and the hammerhead and assault another.

Following turns go much the same, lascannons poo hammerhead, a few wounds from the rest, struggle to kill anything on his side. I work my way through his artillery but the characters hide in the fortress and I just can't put the damage on it to take it down. He kills hammerhead and drones but can't bring down any commanders with placement shenanigans. He wins 7 to 6, putting both of us on the low end of points.

Next game is vs Primaris marines, kill points again, it's the kronor mission with double kill points for being 3+/2+ save.

His list:
-captain and chaplain
-dakka hover tank with like 50 shots possible
-dakka dread
-hell blasters
-2x squads of readers
-3x primaries tac squads

Quarters deployment, i keep commanders in reserve and he deploys most infantry in a central building and tanks forward. He goes first but dakka guys out of range of hammerhead, just plink some drones. Next turn I drop into a side building, and take out both tanks with solid HH and missile rolls. It's downhill from there, he can't reach the coldstars who jump in and kill one squad at a time with burst while whittling down the next from range with missiles. Missiles and ion cannons are amazing vs primaries, btw. I end up tabling him and catching up in points in a big way.

Last game vs a veteran ork player with 2 solid wins so far. His army is
-120 boys
-painboy on bike
-morkanaut (the one with the 5+ invul field)
-15 looted

Now this is more like it. Drones and hammerheads deploy deep on flanks after he's put everything down very centrally. He goes first and runs forward, but the rolls aren't great. My turn coldstars drop on one flank and decimate the nearby mob and put casualties in looted with missiles, hammerheads open up on the morkanaut, drones stand at ~16'' and just lay pulse fire into the nearest mob. It was brutal and it demoralized him, but he's a really good player and finished it out.

The next turns saw the morkanaut blow up, zero mobs make CC, and the coldstars run around murdering. I table him and grab every objective with coldstars for max points.

I get second in points, only 3 win army (deathguard, mechanized) gets first. I should have faced him in the last round but it was still fun.

All in all a good showing, coldstar mobility means any army eithout a lot of "reach out and touch em" is just completely impotent. Their invul save makes them feel tougher than our tanks vs lascannon type weapons. Hammerheads are great but can't put the sheer number of wounds that fusion commanders can, I won't be leaving home without them again.
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Re: 1500 pt Tournament with Cold Storm List

Post#2 » Aug 27 2017 10:55

Great report. Very interesting . I'm thInking about the cold storm with a vanguard detachment with ghost keels and stealth suits. I really wanted a fire warrior and hammerhead army to work but it just st doesn't. Thanks again and let us know how cold storm evolves!

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