2k vs orks

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2k vs orks

Post#1 » Sep 08 2017 01:01

So ive got a game against toms orks in about 30 mins
He has one of the best paint jobs ive ever seen, could easily grace the pages of white dwarf, so always a pleasure to play against....except for the list itself
Battlewagon with 9 meganobs+boss
25 stormboys
25 shootaboys
10 lootas

Im bringing


10 firewarriors
9 firewarriors
10 kroot

5 pathfinders


5xv25 burst beacon marker
6xv8 9flamer 9fusion 6 markerdrones
Ionkeel flamer sheild gen ats
Blast surge flamer ats sheild gen cds

So the plan is manta fusionmander and xv8s and their drones
Deploy the surge? Infantry and coldstar as far forward as possible, i want to entice him for the quick charge, maybe lure the wagon and stormboys out from his lines

The xv25s and keel out on a flank ready to swoop in and drop the beacon....idealy isolating one of the naughts and tearing it a new one from the mantastrike

The surge and infantry push forward crushing the orks for space and using their numbers against them

A few things to consider
Deployment type....
Ork shooting, a few lucky hits and i may have to deviate from my plan
My nerve.....can i hold it together and not panic, backing my strategy....its a fine line between these two

Anyway, ill post more after weve begun

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Re: 2k vs orks

Post#2 » Sep 08 2017 05:05

That's a very powerful Ork list your opponent has. Enjoy the game, and good luck!

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Re: 2k vs orks

Post#3 » Sep 09 2017 04:25

A couple of changes to the orks....no dakkajet or stormboys, replaced with another wagon with 20 Boyz

We played the konor mission, i defended, so dawn of war, but i have 50% of the table and 3 objectives....i put these left flank in the open between hills and infront of my woods, centre on the back side of a hill and right flank behind a ridge on a hill

Tom deployed his wagon with nobs and boss, gork and morkanaught, boys on right flank, lootas on hill overlooking the battlfield. The other wagon and boys in the centre.

I deployed my surge as far forward on the centre obj as i could, surrounded by both firewarriors squads, pathfinders coldstar and fireblade, kroot camping between the centre and right flank obj, ready to be where they were needed within a turn. Into the woods and rocks near left obj went xv25s and keel.....right opposite the main bulk of toms big hitters. Keeping the xv8s their drones and qfmander in manta

Turn1......i fail to seize...even with a reroll. 1 down 6 to go...

Tom moves every thing up. So now i have g&m anaughts and wagon about 13 inches from xv25s on left flank and 30 or so boys in charge range of my centre line.....cmon take the bait.
Opens fire, 4 dead firewarriors and 1 pathfinder.
Assault phase....first mob of boys assault my centre, infantry kill 5....cmon surge....wow cds is amazing...tom was pretty salty when the ss had finished shooting...5 orks were left to emerge from the smoke to make it into combat...thats 11 cofirmed kills, orks kill the firewarriors down to a man, and he killed one ork in return....he's getting a red rambo style headband this week. Battleshock time.....its a 6....2 rambo headbands!!

My turn1

Xv25s move forward and throws beacon about 6 inches from toms main thrust just on my side of the bottleneck. Keel moves up in support, all crowding yhe objective. Firewarrior falls back from combat, the other squad move around to fill the space for the next ork squad to hit, right where the last one did. Coldstar bounces across the table to give his support to the suits. Xv8s arrive about 3 inches infront of toms main thrust. The qfm 9in away next to the coldstar

Shooting phase......
Markerdrones onto wagon and naughts, 2 on each. Pathfinders all miss...wtf?!
Qfm hits wagon full of nobs....3 wounds.....i roll 3d6 damage....total 7....oh well
Xv8s open up 6 fusion on wagon 3 on the closest naught.....wagon.....this isnt going so well, another 5 wounds and flamers do 1 or 2 more...leaving it on 1 wound...the naught loses 5
In the centre the firewarriors that didnt fall back obliterate the remainder of the ork boys. The surge opens up onto the wounded naught taking it down to 4 wounds in 1 go....kustom force fields really suck!!!! Everything else did nothing as s5 at t8 isnt effective at all

The washup....
6 boys
17 wounds on the Battlewagon
20 wounds on the naught....

At this point, to say im concerned is an understatement...ive played all my cards and all i can see is that ive killed a mob of boys...i do have a naught and wagon on their last profiles.....i feel like ive lost already...i have 2 choices here, change my plans and go conservative or stick to my guns and see out my plan

I choose the latter

Assault phase
The drones charge the wagon!!! Make it in....do 1 wound....tom makes his save....that would have been epic....no damage in return

Orks turn 2

Tom gets the damaged naught out of the way, opening a gap for the nobz, boss and other naught to assault through......the boys get out of the wagon in the centre and get ready to assault the surges area again....the damaged wagon falls back also

Ork shooting
Did you know that a morkanaught with 4 wounds (lowest profile) shoots as good as a fully funtioning riptide without any buffs.....disgusting! Just thought you'd like to know

Goodbye drones....goodbye pathfinders.....suits make all their saves bar 1

Assault phase

Tom makes a mistake and charges with his nobs first into the suits......get the marsh mellows....7 mega armoured nobs die.......then the boss charges them.....xv25s ftgg and strip 2 wounds. Gorkanaught assaults them, keel ftgg overcharge s and does 2 damage

Orks in the centre mustn't have notices the ork paste they ran through to get to the firewarriors......same result as before....only the nob left and the warboss on that flank

Tom hits my suits with around 700 points of orkses and kills 4 of them.....paying for the bodyguard upgrade was points well spent....that extra wound each stopped tom consolidating into my xv25s and keel and both commanders


8 markerdrones
5 pathfinders
3 firewarriors

My turn 2

Time to take stock of the situation, whats happening, what do i have left, what can i do.....

Left flank i have a naught on last profile, unhurt naught, some meganobs and warboss and flagbrearer guy, battlewagon with deffroller, and another wagon on last profile and 10 lootas on their hill

Centre 1 nob 1 boss

Kroot advance towards the surge getting next to the obj and within ftgg range
Commanders retreat a little towards the surge, xv8s do same, as do xv25s and keel....im abandoning the left flank obj....as long as i can hold the centre im good as the right flank obj is directly behind my remaining forces now

Xv25s wipeout the nobs
Keel xv8s and manders hit the unhurt naught doing 10 damage
Surge throws everything into the same naught.....turns out it was a bit of overkill....phew, still under a lot of pressure though

Roll d6.....kaboom....uh oh

Its pretty tight in this area.....xv8....3 wounds... xv25....2 wounds...keel...3 wounds....qfm....3 wounds....coldstar 3 wounds....ungh that hurt

Warboss takes 1 wound as does flag guy.......wagon loses final wound

Kroot shoot at warboss in the centre.....mostly miss and makes all saves

Its now a matter of what do we each have left

10 lootas
Naught on 4 wounds
Wagon with deffroller....17 wounds left
Flag guy

10 kroot

Orks turn3
Everything advancing towards the surge and suits....

Shooting phase....
Naught and lootas.....kills the xv8.

Assault phase.....
Wagon assaults qfm
Flag guy goes into coldstar with a warboss and Mekboy
Other warboss into kroot
Nob into fireblade

Ftgg wiffes except the surge, good bye nob.......

Qfm dies
Coldstar dies
Kroot die

Tau turn3
Fire blade moves between the surge and theboss
The keel and xv25 fall back towards the surge but making sure be characters are closest for shooting.....

Kustom force fields really suck......have i mentioned that yet?

Surge does about 10 wounds to the wagon. Every one else either wiffes of gets saved.....

Orks turn 4
Orks press forward....getting really close to the mid obj now...its a matter of inches and a lack of models hurting us both now...down to about 6 each.....bar the lootas that are too far away on the hill to do much now

Shooting......does nothing to the surge

Kff makes all the guys that charged the surge survive.....toms dice were running hot....really hot, we were making a bit of noise by this stage so had a bit of a crowd.....by we i mean i was, he made all his saves bar 2

Fireblade lives through combat with a warboss.....another rambo style headband to paint this week
Wagon kills a xv25

Tau turn 4

Fireblade falls back
Surge falls back,suits fall back and keel gets ready to assault

Surge finishes off the wagon
Kff strikes again.....thankfully tom doesn't roll this many 5s when he shoots is all i can say, so boss, mek and flag guy all survive

Assault phase
This is it...all or nothing,;if i fail this he will be able to get the objective
Surge charges mek
Suits charge boss
Keel charge flag guy

Suits kill boss, just , keel wiffes......surge kills the mek, luckily...

Tom concedes....he cant get the lootas across in 2 turns and he doesnt have much left apart from the naught that was on 4 wounds from t1 and the flag guy

That was really close.....a matter of inches at one point

The plan worked....to an extent, i would have thought 13 fusion shots into 2 vehicles would have killed them both.....that made it tough as the flamers had nothing to hit....same for the xv25s, but i guess thats just dice...
Surge and infantry performed fantastic
I dropped t1 instead of waiting a few more turns, dawn of war and the mission didnt help, but it worked out ok i guess. Keel was underwhelming....didnt do much but gives the flank a bit more toughness and presence

Ill play a few more games with the list before i start making changes but the keep is going to have to do something to stay....

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Re: 2k vs orks

Post#4 » Sep 09 2017 02:54

Did you use the storm surge to overwatch for other units in that game? Sounded like the first irk boyz charged a unit of firewarriors and got pasted by Surge overwatch. If that's the case then I have to tell you the surge doesn't have for the greater good so cannot help others out in overwatch.
Also did you ever for the greater good more than once?
Sounded a bit like it when the boss and nobz charged mid game and most died. Of course after you use it once that unit cannot overwatch again in that phase even for itself unlike regular overwatch.
Hard to tell exactly what was going on but your overwatch seemed abnormally effective.

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Re: 2k vs orks

Post#5 » Sep 10 2017 03:48

Hmmm, i did use ftgg with the surge, i feel terrible, i thought that it was able to, being able to overwatch and all now, i am aware that they are different, i am aware that you can only ftgg once per turn and a sincere thanks for pointing this out to me.

Question can i ftgg with a unit after they have used overwatch against a unit that charged them?

The surge had counter fire defence....rerolling misses in overwatch...... it made it almost impossible to charge with troops, more so combined with ats

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Re: 2k vs orks

Post#6 » Sep 10 2017 01:39

So you can use regular overwatch as many times as you would like but if you use FTGG to help another unit you are prohibited from overwatching again that phase.
So long as you followed that you are fine.
But yeah the storm surge probably would have been a bit too much if it had FTGG.

Also you shouldn't feel too bad. The ork list sounded kinda awful. If you run blobs of boyz then you have to back them up with kustom force fields and pain boyz. Oh well you should offer him a rematch and see how he does now.

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Re: 2k vs orks

Post#7 » Sep 10 2017 05:22

Cheers for that, what ill do is just reverse the deployment and put the surge out front and the supporting firewarriors around the back keeping them in ftgg range

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