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Dras'vre - Battle Note

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"Fall Back! Fall Back and Defend!!"
Tau vs Astra Militarum

3x Commander w/drones (QFC, QFC, TCC)
3x Pathfinder Team (5)
3x Vespids (5)
2x Breachers w/drones (5)
1x Etheral

Astra Militarum:
3x Leman Russ (one with TankCommander)
1x Commisar V...
3-4x Conscipts (~20+)
1x Ratlings

This time luck was far away... very far away. Forces of Astra Militarum have be just behind the corner or Tau Forces and there was not enough time to secure goods. Only what could be done was to prepare defence in suitable area.


Enemy had significant firepower in form of Lemans, which just after they reach sigh range used descturctive power and end life of many fast atack forces.
Tau forces moved forward to as soon as possible open those battle cans. Although acccess to them was succesfully bloceg by mass of infantry, mass attack on Tank Commander has edded with success.

Forces of Astra Militarum ware even more encouraged and in contr attack they have continue mass destruction of Tau infantry by Lemans firepower.
Left Wing Commander saw gap in deffence Tank and with accurate fire was able to melt down armour with his fussion guns. Unfortunatelly mass attach of Commanders on Right Wing was total failure and only what was achived was laugh of Lemans crew.

Situation was worse and worse as mass of infantry starts to cover visible horison. Enemy did not give up and succesfully eliminate rest of Tau infantry and finally reached Commander on right Wing who fail under masive fire.
When Left Wing Commander saw that he focused his Fusion Potential and ably pierce side armour of last Leman.

Time has almost ended and forces able to stop wave of enemy infantry were minimal. Race has started where main task was to secure load.

It seemed as though the Commander would be able to secure most of the cargo, but fate was not good and support didn't arrived and finally forces of Astra Militarum were able to secure 2 of 3 packages by numerical advantage.

Forces of Tau had nothing more to do as to fall back on secure positions and prepare for counter attack.

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