Tau vs. Admech/Guard

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Tau vs. Admech/Guard

Post#1 » Nov 06 2017 06:31

So I got in a couple 2500 point games. The first one ended fairly quickly so my opponent challenged me to a second. I messed up in points as I adjusted my list in my head on the way over and I messed something up so I was 26 points over as the missile pod squad is more what's modeled and I'd figure I'd give it a go to see how they do.

I have been interested in making a list that consists of 2 functional armies that could combine together or move down separate flanks. I'm still figuring Tau out so I wanted to try some funkier stuff. I would have had more drones but I don't have the models set up yet.


2 QFC - 2 Shield Drones Each
2 fireblades
8 5 Man fire warrior squads with 1 markerlight
4 Devilfish with Gun Drones
3 Crisis Suits with Triple Cyclic Ion Blasters - 6 Gun Drones
3 Crisis Suits with 2X Missile Pod and ATS - 3 Gun Drones
2 5 Man Pathfinders
2 Broadsides - Heavy Rail Rifle, Plasma, Target Lock - 2 Shield Drones Each
1 Firesight Marksman
3 Sniper Drones

Marksman and drones were there to make a brigade but I cut a squad of pathfinders for my weapon switches which brought me out of the Brigade.

My Opponent Ran (I apologize in advance for not knowing the model names!)

A knight with vengeance assault cannon and a chainsword
A forgeworld valkyrie with 6 Las Cannons
2 Primaris Psykers
2 Blind Dudes who cast smite on one dice
Some imperial guard chick who has relics and warlord traits so he gets a command point when I activate a stratagem on a 5+ and is refunded his command points on 5+s
Some Enginseer chick with an axe
2 Big Shooty Kastellan Robots
3 Plasma servitors
3 of the melee servitors
1 Chimera Scatterlaser and lasgun array
1 Heavy Flamer Chimera
2 5 man ranger squads with 2 sniper rifles each
3 10 man imperial guard squads with flamers
1 Onager Dune Crawler with Icarus Array
1 Onager Dune Crawler with the big gun

He went Catachan and the forgeworld that ignores death on 6's. I've locked horns with him multiple times so we both at this point had some idea what the other would bring.

First game we used the random mission cards and we got set piece battle the triangle meeting up in the middle and the I need to capture an objective and have control of my own to win. So he deployed all his models first with his knoght front and center right by a big line of sight blocking mountain in the middle. His objective was in the top left corner mine was behind the mountain. He deployed all his admech really in his back left corner and his chimeras on the right flank and his valkyrie and knight in the middle. I deployed my forces on the right side of the mountain so I wouldn't get shots coming in from the left flank in an attempt to isolate and deal with half his army. My pathfinders were cheeky and moved right up within 1" of the knight meaning he could not move up first turn as there was a building and a mountain in the way.

His first turn he kills all but 2 of my pathfindersone of my devilfish in the back and fails his charge with the knight. The left flank guys advance forward quickly (oodles of 5's and 6's). His chimeras move right in front of my devilfish. I take some serious punishment in the psychic phase and he is going through oodles of command points and getting a ton back.

My 2nd turn I am at risk of him assaulting my firesight marksman by my objective so I empty all my devilfish and send one over to try assaulting some elements then falling into others. A QFC drops down and the missile crisis suits drop down. I Line up shots with the broadsides who were hiding behind buildings on the knight (Their shield drones still are hiding but close enough to tank shots). Knight actually takes quite a bit of punishment. Missile pod squad destroys a chimera insides are killed minus the characters and I assault the remaining chimera so that my devilfish's butt is blocking the knight in. My devilfish manages to get locked into a onager dune crawler as he was stuck between tthe mountain and a building. Devilfish takes no damage.

His second turn He drops out his officers from the flame chimear and they assault my one devilfish and some firewarriors. Missile Crisis suits die and the knight destroys the devilfish and I drop some drones behind and to the left so that he can't pile in. More damage to the devilfish as his guys move forward quickly.

Now I strike. He moved so far forward on his left flank he left me a ton of space to drop my cyclic ion blasters and QFC to be within range of his rangers. My drones disembark and advance (Getting a 5!) and manage to be close enough to contests the objective my crisis suits kill his guys and I win the game.

Second game was the comet on some weird deployment where I got a table edge and he deployed at the center to the end but not within 12" of a long edge. Worst of all we got acid rain so we got -1 to hit at ranged and advance rolls. He seizes on me (3/5 games he has seized on me!).

So he deploys his knight on the left side of the mountain with an onager, shooty robos, a Ranger squad and the plasma servitors. Valkyrie in the middle and on the right everything else on the right. I deployed centrally in my deployment zone so only the robots and knights could see to shoot not the other flank. I was able to redeploy a squad so I chose a devilfish with 10 firewarriors to do so.

His first turn knight charges 2 devilfish are destroyed and 1 seriously wounded. We counted he got 8 free command points this turn.

My first turn all my suits come down everything focuses on the knight for a grand total of 6 wounds except the missile suits which kill 2 plasma servitors. Sneaking Devilfish assault the robos who can't move and I do fancy shenanigans to get the other servitor into combat. However I take a ton of damage so this was my big mistake (Costs me my fish and my missile crisis suits big mistake!). I assault the devilfish into a flamer chimera on my right halting the advance. Comically I still overcharged my ion on the crisis suit squad and was left with 1 guy at one wound! (That entire squad did 3 damage to the knight...)

His second turn the rain stops he moves his knights around the edge of my firebase, units get out of the chimeras move up. Straken kills himself shield drones tank tones of wounds. Dvilfish tying up the robos die in the psychic phase so he kills my missile suits. Fire warriors are assaulted the knight assaults a 5 man fire warrior squad. He goes through combat and right before he activates his knight I go hey! he's not touching my firewarriors so the plucky guys went first moved up held the knight in place and still had one guy left at the end!

My 2nd Turn I destroy the plasma servitor with the ion crisis and put some damage on the robos, Robos die to a fusion commander. and the knight dies! and explodes! and he was in my backlines and rolled 6 damage! So that was essentially game as he wiped out 30 fire warriors some drones the fireblads and the marksman.

Store was closing so we called the game after a very short round

It was raining acid again

Next turn his valkyrie moves up as the meteor lands by my fire base. HE gets an assault on one broadside.

My last turn of shooting I would have shot the valkyrie out of the sky

I conceded at this point as I saw myself just getting blasted off the table and the store was closing soon. With the remaining firepower I had a punchers chance now that I think about it.

So a couple games against a tough list but I think I acquitted myself well. All told I think I had some bad luck with the knight (22 hits caused 7 wounds of which 2 went through on the cyclic into crisis). I made multiple poor calculations and I thought his robots had T8 instead of 7 which would have drastically change target prioritization. At the 2nd turn of the second game he had spent 21 command points. It was just a fest of -1 to hit +1 saves ignore damage effects that was tough to play through. He has a psychic power that does a ton of mortal wounds on a target within 18" and a ton of snipers so he really was able to target my characters. The drones hiding around a corner saved me. All told though I was pretty happy with the list though. Those Ion crisis squads are just plain scary.
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