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2000 point Matched Play, T'au Empire vs Tyranids

Posted: Nov 18 2017 05:37
by A'ran Kais
Greetings Commanders,

Last night I had my first battle against the new Codex Tyranids. Without any spoiler on the final result I have to admit that I'm really impressed and shocked about their work on it. The Codex itself is well done, with entries that have to be consider overpowered but generally is well balanced and with potentially various effective style of play.

We played Relic Mission, quadrant deployment.

My list wasn't really competitive:

Outirider detachment

-Commander 4FB, 2SD
-2 5 man Pathfinder squad
-2 8 strong Shield Drone unit

Vanguard detachement

-Commander 4FB, 2SD
-Crisis Team (3 strong) [2 Crisis 2CIB+ATS, 1 Shas'vre 2FB DC], 6 Gun drone
-Ghostkeel full melta
-Ghostkeel full melta
-10 man Fire warrior, Shas'ui with ML
-1 Broadside Shas'vre full missile (ATS)

-Stormsurge (PBC, ATS, SG, EWO)

While Tyranids were better adapted to me (I can't remember the right detachment composition, I will report only the units)

-3x Winged Tyrant [2 deathspitter, Scything talons, Smite+other power]
-1 Neurothrope
-1x6 strong unit of Tyrant Guard [Impaler Cannon]
-1x3 Zoanthropes
-1x3 Venomthropes
-20 Genestelers in Tyrannocyte
-An endless hord of termagant (really endless, 30 minutes only to complete movement phase)
-5 Carnifex with 2x2 Devourers, AB 3+, -1 to be hit

Tyranid biofleet was JORMUNGANDR (units count always in cover)

The Game
I ended first to deploy but even with my +1 to dice roll my opponent managed to get first turn. Having to face both 3 Winged tyrant in DS, and all that dakka from Carnifexes wasn't excited. However I was able to pass his first turn with only 1 dead Ghostkeel (3 smite and other various deathspitter) and the other badly injured (-7 wounds from 3 Carnifexes and Hive guard). All the biomass of his Hyvefleet advanced rapidly towards my gun line, and I was sure that in his second turn my force could have been overwhelmed. Genestelers DS and managed to charge into my SD squad defending Broadside, annihilated it and consolidate into my heavy battlesuit (preventing it from shooting next turn). However first turn wasn't all that bad, I had my alpha strike to deploy and the hope to deal some serious damage to the hivefleet.
I then descend with everything. With Commanders I killed one Tyrant, while with Ghostkeel and Surge another (thanks to markerlitghts and Destructors missiles) while Crisis team wasn't able to deal some serious damage to the last winged monstruosity. Firewarrior completely annhilated genoraptors (great dice rolls) but everything else was unscratched.
His second turn was the end for my forces. He advanced with everything, and then shoot. 4 Carnifexes were able to destroy Ghostkeel (at -2 to hit), Fire warriors, a unit of pathfinder and wounding Broadside, while the last one annihilated Crisis team (Drones were destroyed by termagants, yes too much dice, to bad rolls). His last Tyrant move towards my Commanders and killed one. Hive guards ended my Broadside (not even a turn of fire) while with a stratagem (2cp to shoot again) they destroyed the last unit of pathfinder. What last at the end of his second turn was a Commander, some drones and the Stormsurge unscratched.

The game ended without any possibilities to recover the relic.

It wasn't fun at all...

I was really impressed by the his shooting phase.

Biofleet adaptation: A unit with this adaptation (other than units that can FLY) always has the benefit of cover for the purposes of shooting attacks. If the unit Advances or charges, however, it loses the benefit of this adaptation until the start of your next Movement phase. I had some serious problem with this. All my pulse weapons were ineffective (Carnifexes at 2+). Probably not the most powerfull of the codex but against a gunline (fire warriors and drones) it is really strong.

-Winged Tyrant: Invulnerable save at 4+, deep strike, toughness 7 and smite all around this is a very reliable choice. Even without a shooting setting is strong enough to deal huge damage where needed.

-Carnifex: the new MVP of Tyranids codex. This beast can deal 24 shoots at Fo 6, at 18", hitting at 3+, while moving (7") or even advancing (assault weapon). If you take into account, toughness 7, 8 wounds, the -1 to hit by spore cyst (new ability) and biofleet adaptation (always in cover if not advancing or charge) for a mere 115 points you have a better shooting machine everything in our index.

-Hive guard: 12 Fo8 vp-2 D3 wounds at 36" without line of sight and the ability to shoot again granted by a stratagem is really strong. However to use the stratagem at full strength I think we will see big unit of these bad guys, thus the difficulties to completely hide them.

Final consideration: this codex build probably isn't the best possible, many other strong unit are present in the book. Tyrrannofex that shoot twice rerolling one with adaptation, Warrior each armed with a heavy bolter, gants and Tervigone with endeless swarm. I have to admit that it is strong. Really strong. Tyranids have top level game capabilities in each phase of the game and this is what each codex should have.

Hoping to have the same treatment when our will be released.

PS: Even in defeat T'au are fun :D